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  1. I'm trying out MirrorSync on a simple FM application with one iPad with FMGo18, FMserver18 and FM18 client. The sync functionality seems to work as expected but when I update the database's version number, which is passed on to MirrorSync::DatabaseVersion field via an unstored calc, the iPad, after syncing, will start the MirroSyncUpdater but nothing happens. If I manually start the run-script the version update is performed but ends with an error saying that the file could not be opened. The database on the iPad has actually been updated but remains closed. What am I missing? Thanks, Jos Smeele.
  2. Same result, DocuBin Splash layout displays "Parameter missing (*)" at the bottom. Screenshot attached.
  3. I'm trying to get DocuBin.fmp12 to work with FM15. SuperContainers is up and running and I installed all required plugins including the older version of Scribe 1.451 as per one of the DocuBin error messages. Now I receive a message 'Parameter missing (*)'. What am I missing? Thanks, Jos.
  4. Steve and David, Thanks for your replies. I see that with FM I need to: 1. use PSets as an absolute protection 2. use a Find-script at startup or login to restrict access to "Inactive" records. 3. catch any ShowAllRecord commands through CustomMenus and run the script as per 2 above to again restrict access. Agreed that this is the one and most efficient way? Thanks, Jos.
  5. Thanks everyone! This has cleared up the issue for me and YES I will need to catch the deletes through a script. FM8 has Custom Menus which is a great way to do this. Jos.
  6. Well the issue is that if a user is in the child-layout and decides to delete a record it would be good to inform him/her that one or more parent records will loose that information. This is not always obvious to the user as he/she might be concentrating on one particular parent-child relationship. This is of course no problem in the 1-to-many but in many-to-many it matters!! Jos.
  7. Thanks, shame that FM does not have this kind of thing built in. Basically relational integrity; i.e. making sure there are no orphna records and child-reocrds are not deleted when parent still "alive", is left up to the developer, correct? Jos.
  8. Thanks, so what you are saying is don't bother with the Priviledge Sets, just implement using Find? This of course also means that any user defined Finds will have to go through a Script to first Find "status-active" then Find within that the user specified Find. Jos.
  9. I need to allow users access to a sub-set of my Patients-database based on the Status-field: status="active", any records with status="inactive" should be skipped. I attempted to implement this with Priviledge sets and it works to a fashion, i.e. the user has no access to the records with status="inactive", but those inactive records still show up in all the reports and layouts with field-contents as "no access". How can I implement this so that it acts like a Find, making the records with status=Inactive totally invisible? Thanks, Jos.
  10. I have built a relational database with one main-table and some 1-many and some many-many (via Join-tables) relationships from the main-table to other tables. Deleting a record from the main table works fine and deletes related records as expected. However a delete of one of the relational records can be performed without any warning or protest from Filemaker. You at least want to know if one or more main-table records are related to the record you want to delete. I come from the MSAccess-world and there you are warned if there are active relationships. So my question is: does FM have any mechanisme for auto detect or do I have to build a script to check for active relations. Thanks, Jos.
  11. :P Thanks, that was easy!! It is obviously time to proceed with your VTC intermediate tutorials!! They are very good by the way!
  12. Does anyone know a way to sort a report by summary fields? I have a energy efficiency report that lists houses with sum-of-gals fuel consumed and sum-of-gals per sqft. It would be helpful if the report would list the buildings with smallest gals-per-sqft first but FM8 does not allow sort on summary-fields. Fields are: house_name, delivery_date, gals_of_fuel, calc-field: gals_sqft=sqft/gals_of_fuel sum-field: sum of gals_sqft The sqft comes from a related locations-file that has various house details such as total sqft of the building. Thanks, Jos.
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