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  1. Thanks to an Italian friend, I've found the solution ...you already gave me!! I used "sCountDates" on Comment's file and de-flagged "running total" It works great! : Thank you all!!
  2. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! I've learned a lot from you suggestions!! So now I'm trying someting different... In one table of my DB I've following fields: -ID -Date -Operator -City -Location -Customer name -Product -Promtion Plus summary and calculation fields I've made a simple report with grouped data and subtotal which gives me the total of products sold by each operator. It looks like: OperatorA -- 12 products OperatorB -- 15 products ... OperatorF -- 11 products I'm trying to add to this report a count of worked days for each operato
  3. Sorry... late night posting : Cities, actually 7, changes but seldom I perform a find using a date range I really appreciate your job!! I'm trying to better understending the process you've used... but I belive I'm in the right way Thanks guys }:|
  4. That's the big picture... Fields in a recod: ID Date Contact name City Operator I already use a report to summarize number of contacts per city and per operator eg. Paris 5 contacts operatorA 2 contacts operatorB 3 contact New York 6 contacts operatorC 4 contacts operatorD 2 contacts Now, I wish to have a report like this: operatorA 1 contact per day (average of contacts per worked days) operatorB 1,5 contact per day (average...) ....and so on or ...even more accurate and complicate... New York operatorA 1 contact per day (averag
  5. Ok folks, I used DukeS's script and added Comment's field "average per date" great result..... an average of records per date now.... little more complicate... what if I wish to get: How many contact per day (average) I have per each city?? eg. New York 3 contacts per day Los Angeles 2 contacts per day Boston 4 contacts per day I guess I need to sub-summarize but I really don't know how... please, help a poor newbie :
  6. It works : I just need little time to understand wath you did : : Thanks!!!!
  7. I need an average of contacts per day in a foundset. eg. How many contacts per day (average) I had in may 2006 (foundset over all 2006)?? I'm able to compute in a report how many contact per day I had but I'm not able to average them : if: 1-1-2006 Paola 1-1-2006 Jhon 1-1-2006 Sally 2-1-2006 Rose 2-1-2006 Peter I'm able to recieve: 1-1-2006 3 contacts 2-1-2006 2 contacts I wish to recive 2,5 contacts per day in 2 days : :
  8. Duke's script counts the number of days : I need this value to make further computation in other reports and I can't belive there is no function (similar to valuecount) to count the number of different values in a field, in a foundset :qwery:
  9. I need this computation quite often... my goal is to obtain an average of records per worked day and use this number in analisys and reports. I'm not able to find a function to count the number of values ina specified field (date or text) in a specified foundset eg: Field -> city Record1 -> New York Record2 -> Paris Record3 -> Paris Record4 -> Paris I'd like a 2 (rome + paris) as outcome This works but it counts all dates in my DB not the number of dates in a founset Thank you guys for your support!!
  10. Hallo, I tried to find another topic to answer my question... bad luck or bad finding skills : I'm trying to count the number of different values in a text or data field. eg: Field -> date 1-1-2006 present in 3 records 2-1-2006 present in 6 records 3-1-2006 present in 9 records my desired outcome should be 3 (3 different dates in 18 records) "count" function returns 18 : I need this to average a number of contacts (1 each record) by working days as in previous example: 18 (contacts) / 3 (worked days) = 6 contact per day (average) I'm
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