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  1. Ah, never mind. I didn't see that you had modified my file. I just tried it with the Go to Object step at the end of the script triggered by onLayoutExit. That does fix it. Thanks so much.
  2. Interrupting GTRR with a script triggered by onLayoutExit doesn't lose the connection to the portal, just to the filtered set. It still takes you to the record you selected, which obviously wouldn't happen if you just triggered the GTRR from outside the portal altogether. I modify your script to go to a different layout and I still get my same result -- it takes me to the full related set, not the filtered set. If you can make it go to the filtered set on a different layout (with a script being triggered by onLayoutExit), I'm sure I and others would appreciate seeing the sample file.
  3. Ah, sorry should have been more specific. Only applies to a GTRR that takes you to a different layout. The GTRR in your sample file uses the current layout, which naturally wouldn't trigger the onExitLayout. This is file I'm testing with. The script set to fire onLayoutExit sets a variable $null with "". It makes the GTRR in the lineitems portal ignore the filter. Remove the layout-level trigger and the GTRR will take you to the filtered set (on a different layout). Sorry if I'm not explaining this very clearly. Invoices.fp7.zip
  4. Just trying to get a better handle on what might mess up the GTRR on a filtered portal. FM's knowledge base article was vague about it: So my point (again) is that having a script triggered by onExitLayout will cause a script with a GTRR step to ignore the filter if fired from a filtered portal. Seemed like a point worth stating, since the feature is new and unfamiliar, but then I'm not a Pooh-bah.
  5. Yeah, the point is that any script triggered by onExitLayout interferes with the GTRR, causing it to ignore the filter. By all means give it a try.
  6. Yeah. On the Invoice detail layout I attached a script to be triggered onLayoutExit. The script just has a Commit step in it. When a script with a GTRR step is triggered from a filtered portal, that "Commit" script somehow interferes with the GTRR's reading of the filter, and takes you instead to the full related set as defined in the relationship graph. Seems to work fine if there are no scripts triggered by onLayoutExit on the originating layout.
  7. Ah, got it. I was wrong, there was a script being triggered onLayoutExit. All it did was capture window dimensions and layout name into a series of global variables, but apparently that's enough to disrupt the filter. I'll experiment a little more to see if any onLayoutExit messes up the GTRR. Seems like a bug, though. Thanks for the feedback Bruce.
  8. Tried both ways, but script just had a simple GTRR step in it. I'm just using the FM11 Invoice template for testing. On invoice detail, attached a button to the line items portal. Filtered the portal to only show items with a price ≤ 15.00. One product in list, but script (or simple GTRR attached to button) takes me to a set of all three line item records. I completely believe that you got it to work, but not sure why I can't. Seems like should be pretty straightforward. I checked all the layout-level script triggers to make sure some script wasn't being fired somewhere -- not
  9. Yes, just attached it to one of the fields. The related set in the portal was 1 record, the full related set was 3 records. GTRR takes me to a list of the 3 records. You get the smaller, filtered set?
  10. When I set a script to use GTRR and "Show only related records" it takes me to the found set for all related records, not just those in the filtered portal. Did you get GTRR to acknowledge the filter somehow?
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