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  1. Hi, As I click to scroll down in the Portal, the records at the bottom apprear to duplicate again and again as I scroll down until the scroll bar reaches the bottom, but they are not really there in the Table. If I go back to the top and just pull the scroll bar to the bottom they appear fine. Why is the Portal scrolling this way. It dosesn't matter if it is locally on the PC, or from Server Advanced Thanks, Mark
  2. The quotations marks should not be in the URL sorry There are no spaces in the URL
  3. Is there a way to use a URL to a FTP site with a username and password in the URL from Filemaker? I can put the URL in the Firefox or Explorer and it works fine. When I try to use the same URL from Filemaker 8.5 or IWP it does not work and what shows up in the Browser is the URL without the Username and password. Here is an example of the URL: ftp://"username:password@"888.88.88.888/Directory/image.jpg Can anyone help? Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi, On a IWP Database hosted on Filemaker 8 Server Advanced, I have been getting an Error at least once a day and does not allow Web access, the Error is "Unknown Error Number 13". The error is only present for the web users, the Filemaker Clients do not have any problems connecting. If I just use the Filemaker Admin to stop and start the DB, it still does not get rid of the error. Even a Recover of the file does not solve the problem The only option that seems to work is import all the records into a clone and repost and start. Does anyone know what would cause the er
  5. [color:blue]Hi, I have a Web Database that displays a list of records but only shows 25 records at a time. Is there any way to show more than 25 records at a time. I am using FileMaker 8.5 Advanced on the PC and hosting with Server 8 Advanced. Thanks,
  6. Hi, This may seem like a dumb question. I can not seem to find where you can adjust the amount of time that passes before the web version of FileMaker Database times Out. I am using FileMaker Server 8 Advanced. Can anyone help?
  7. [color:blue]I have had something similar, with an opening script of an If based on account name, it would not work, so I setup the opening layout go to a main menu just for web view, all for the other users which are filemaker clients made an Opening scripts directed them to another location or direction. IWP has many limitation compared to developing for Filemaker clients what I found, alot of work arounds, and of course everyone wants web access and wants the world. Thanks, Mark
  8. Hi, When I set up a rounded box in Filemaker, why does it appear as a square on the WEB? Thanks, Mark
  9. [color:blue]Hi, When I rotate text in Filemaker that will be shared for the web, it views correctly in Filemaker, but on the web it does not show up rotated. Is there any way around this. It is this a limitation. Any Thoughts Mark
  10. The read only Guest works great, I just needed the right combination Thanks for your help Mark
  11. Is there a way to bypass the Web login window, from a link sent in an email from filemaker. Is there a way to bypass the login screen and go into a script, or layout
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