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  1. Thanks again for the info. I created the DDR and tried to print it out and really ran into some problems. Is it even possible to print out the ddr?
  2. thanks - any other significant features in advanced that are notable? I am trying to convince our IT to give me advanced, since I do design.
  3. I apologize in advance if this topic is in the wrong place, but honestly I did not know where to post it. Is there a way to get a "map" of sorts that will show for a particular layout, the associated scripts that go with certain buttons. I am looking for something that will help me proof the functionality. To make sure that each button is connected to the proper script/action and the detail of each script, without click on every single button in browse and/or layout mode.
  4. thanks was in layout mode...no wonder i couldnt find it. thanks again ;)
  5. I do not see "file options" is it possible my version of FM does not have this option?
  6. Is there a way to make a layout the default layout when opening a database?
  7. Perfect that helped alot, was not including the file/// thanks
  8. can you give me an example of the path, maybe i am missing a , - or something
  9. I maybe doing something wrong but I the open file option only allows the opening of FM files.
  10. thanks for the url suggestion but it doesnt work.
  11. To direct the user to a place on the network not a specific file.
  12. In FM you can create a script that will open a file. But how can you create a script that will take you to a folder, a path say on a network, a type of "Go To" action, as opposed to opening a file. As of the time of this edit, there were 39 views and no replies, am I to interpret this as this is not possible in FM?
  13. I am trying to cut and paste values from multiple fields into one field and when I do this it runs together and I am trying to put a break/carriage return in. also i dont understand what set field does, do you mind explaining a bit?
  14. I am using the paste option in Scriptmaker and this is what I put in the calculation field: 1&¶ &"" But when I run the script no carriage return I also tried 1¶ & 1&¶ & 1&¶ 1&"¶"& But no success
  15. I keep get an error message that says "an operator is expect here" tried it with and without "" Oh, I think I should clarify it is a calculation with in a script not sure if that makes a difference
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