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  1. I am still struggling with this issue... No matter what I try, I cannot seem to get it to work. Currently, I've created a calculated field in my main database with the following calculation (that always calculates out to "1", no matter the setting of the RcvdTranscript field) If(Count(S.S.#Year ID)=Sum(Rx Enrollment::RcvdTranscript); 0; 1) "S.S.#Year ID" is a new field I've created in the main database that is a combination of the student's ID and the year of their application (we get many multiple-year applicants). Unless someone can offer a better suggestion, I am nearly
  2. Hello again everyone. I want to thank everyone (especially Matt Klein and Comment, who coded examples for me) for their assistance on this issue. I haven't gotten a chance to try to implement what Comment suggested (it's been busy at my office and my boss experienced the sudden loss of her father), but my busy schedule in no way diminishes my appreciation. I _should_ be able to look into implementing it on Wednesday, unless something else happens... I will report back with my success or any additional questions. Thanks everyone.
  3. Comment... Thank you for your sample. It does precisely what I am looking to do. I will attempt to integrate the ideas you presented into my database and will report back with my progress. Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your replies, everyone. I appreciate the willingness to help. Comment, I've downloaded your example and will examine it in a moment and will report back with any questions. I am confident that this can be solved and appreciate everyone's help.
  5. Yes, it's called SSN (it used to be the applicant's social security number; it is now a TEXT field which contains an index number that is unique for each applicant).
  6. Matt, thank you very much for your test file and attention to my issue. Your test file essentially does what I need it to do, but I cannot figure out how to get the same functionality implemented in my database. I'm stumped and would appreciate any guidance on how to proceed.
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies. Hrm... I think I'm getting closer to the solution, but it's still not working for me. I've changed Rx Enrollment::RcvdTranscript to a NUMBER. It's Indexed, Auto-enter Data (a new record starts without transcripts, so the auto-entered data is "0" (is this the correct way to do this?)). I am not sure how to format the number field to show non-zeros as "Yes" and zeros as "No". In the main database, I've configured PortalTranscriptRcvd as TEXT with a calculated value of "If(Count(Rx Enrollment::RcvdTranscript) = Count(Rx Enrollment::SSN); "Yes";
  8. That's correct! Hopefully, my other post helps to illustrate it more effectively than I've done so far. Thanks for your attention and help on this. It was working under FMPro6 but seems to have broken in the upgrade to 8.
  9. Let me provide an example, since I am afraid I'm not being clear. The fields involved: Rx Enrollment::RcvdTranscript is a YES/NO field in the portal record that is set to YES when a transcript is received. RxSIS::PortalTranscriptRcvd is a YES/NO calculation in the main database that should calculate to YES when Rx Enrollment::RcvdTranscript is YES for all transcripts for the student. Scenarios: Joe Student applies. He's attended three schools and we've received transcripts from two of them. Situation 1: Joe Student PORTAL: School 1: RcvdTranscript=YES PORTAL: Scho
  10. Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure that does what I'm looking for... Each student's portal record can have multiple transcripts (if they attended multiple schools). I want the calculation to set a field in my main database (named PortalTranscriptRcvd) to "YES" when all transcripts for a particular student are received. I hope that helps explain what I'm trying to achieve.
  11. In my main database, I want to set a field from "NO" to "YES" if all fields in the portal have a specific field set. Specifically, I've got a portal with academic transcript information, one line per institution. I set the RcvdTranscript field to YES once I've received academic transcripts from a particular institution. In the main database, I need to create a calculation that sets from NO to YES if ALL the transcripts in the portal have RcvdTranscript set to YES. This used to work under previous versions of FMPro, but with FMP8 it stopped... If(Count(Rx Enrollment::RcvdTra
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