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  1. Thanks for all the replies, but the project has been completed.
  2. Hello We urgently need an experienced FileMaker database and layout designer to complete our database project. (Design Layout and Print issues)
  3. ta! : I was talking about getting those related fields to display like this: Print Layout
  4. Thanks for your assistance! I have fixed the database link... Any suggestions on the Print Layout? I thinking that I would need to use a script or something to display it - not entirely sure...
  5. [color:green]EDIT: The link has been fixed. I have been argueing with my friend with regards to this relationship. I have attached the database. Please take a look at the relationships. (Right Click, "Save target as"). Each Sector can contain any amount of activities. Each Activity can contain any amount of Actions. Each Action can contain any amount of steps. (Action Step Number - The order in which the Action is performed) Sectors are defined by the user - so I am arguing that when a new Action record is added to the database, the user should select which Sector this a
  6. Wow that is great! Thanks for your help!
  7. Here is the image of my layout mode Here is the image of my layout I'm just using field borders to achive the current lines as drawing lines constrains the field heights.
  8. Hello I have 2 tables and I would like to generate a chart based on the values. I have attached a image to demonstrate what I would like to achieve. Click here for image I've been told that FileMaker does not 'do' graphics BUT you can 'fool' it into displaying graphics. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm having some trouble displaying borders on my print layout. I have a attached an image of what I have done so far and what I would like to achieve. I need to display borders (like a table) but as some of the fields can contain alot of text or almost none, I have to resize the fields in order to print it. The resizing works very well, but as it's a A3 print, I need to include borders to make it more readable.
  10. Hello I've just started using FileMaker 8.5. I have a field in a table which is a Checkbox set. When the user enters data - they can select single or multiple items from the set. For example: Receipt, Invoice, Waybill. (This checkbox set is populated by another table with up to 100 records) The trouble I have is when I change to a print layout, the field displays the checkbox set with the selected items as well as the non-selected items - is there any way to hide the items that are not selected?
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