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  1. Am just starting to work with the Wb Viewer. I have a web viewer that I would like to show a clock in. I have copied a piece of code from a website that is for web clocks and have been able to get it to work but not as I would like or expect it to. I need to be able to use the whole piece of code but am lost as to how. "http://free.timeanddate.com /clock/i1a0ke7y/n28/fn8/fc090/tc000/pc000/ftb/pa3/tt0" frameborder="0" width="358" height="22"> Attached is a file that shows the actual code in use. As you can see the clock works but I am unable to change the font c
  2. Make sure you have the correct settings in File>Print Setup including the correct printer. Than make sure that all the elements you want to print fit within the boundaries shown on you layout when viewed in layout mode.
  3. Thanks, That did the trick. Again thanks for all the help... greatly appreciated. I have learned a lot from this exchange. Thanks for your patience. Will post the final solution when finished. Hope there are no more problems.(Yea sure... LOL) Fred
  4. I have a problem with a field changing number value. Calculated field = $round & "." & $match If the result is 1.1 no problem If the result is 1.10 big problem. It needs to keep the 0 in 1.10 Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Thanks again Look at your file and click one of the buttons for round 1 match 10 and see what happens. Kinda srange as the buttons work everywhere else. Fred Update: Figured out why. The round.match is the same for 1.1 and 1.10. The trailing zero is stripped off in the set field step. In the script step Set Field [Rounds_SameEvent::zNextRoundMatch; $Round & "," $Match] the value is the same for both 1.1 and 1.10 Been trying to get around it but it looks to be beyond my feeble and primitive skills.
  6. Thanks I really appreciate the time you have taken to help me with this. You have given me a lot to work with. I think this will go a long way towards my understanding of scripting. I was half way finished writing my script(See attached) when you posted this. Now all I need is to spend time with what you have done. Again your help is very greatly appreciated. Fred WKO_Tornament.zip
  7. Ok... I figured how to parse the parameters into the needed values. (Actually quite easy) Now that I have the data I still can't get the script to enter the data into the appropriate portal record. I have tried a find, Go to portal row by calculation... everything I can think of. What I need it to do is take the parsed data and enter it in th appropriate portal record. What am I missing? It seems to me that it should be easy. Fred WKO_Tornament.zip
  8. Thanks Still don't quite get it. OK, I have the script parameter....List(RoundsX::ContestantID1;RoundsX::Round.Match) It is a list 1 1.1 The 1 needs to be put in the Winners field in the current record and in the ContestantID1 field in the 2.1 record. 1) How to parse the numbers out of the list. 2) If I add 1+1 and get 2 that will not give me 2.1 3) And 1.16 + 1 definitely does not = 2.8 I guess @ 60 years old, my brain needs to be force fed in order to learn. Thanks again in advance for your time and expertise. Fred
  9. Kris Thanks for the original reply. It was very helpful. Look at the file in my previous message. Any comments greatly appreciated. I have a fair grasp on relational structure. I agree that it would be better to do as BruceR suggested. My problem is not with building a solution relationaly, it is with getting scripts to work within that structure. Example: OK, I can get the parameter no problem. I can pass that to the current record in the current portal. BUT how to pass it to the correct record in the correct portal. I don't know. Contestant wins level 1 match 1 now put
  10. OK I am now completely confused. I used the first suggestion and it worked flawlessly. I made each contestant into a button and when clicked on it and that contestant was moved to the appropriate next result. Now with this latest suggestion, I find it much more elegant. I understand the reason for the structure change and that was what i had in mind in the first place, but could not figure out (and still can't) how to pass the results to the appropriate result field. Not obvious to me. Remember I am just a beginner with all this. I am not trying to get this don
  11. I need to make a solution to show the results of a Martial arts tournament. All I want to do is be able to click on the field of the contestant who wins each match and have that data copied to the appropriate result field. I can do it by a simple copy/paste script but that would mean writing 62 separate scripts. I have a feeling it could be done with 1 script and script parameters but I am not clear on the whole parameter concept. Any help greatly appreciated as usual. Thanks Fred WKO_Tornament.zip
  12. I am trying to do a find by opening a new window in find mode and performing a find then close the window and go to the original layout. The problem is that the found set in the original layout does not show the new found results. I need to pass the found results to the original layout. Thanks
  13. I have been working on this for over a week. It seems so simple but I can't figure it out. I have a table called construction payments. It contains records of payments needed to be paid during the construction phase of a condo building project by clients who have bought condos in the project. There are three phases to the payment process. Phase 1) The contract signing phase where the client pays a deposit and a down payment. Phase 2) The construction phase where the client pays based on a payment schedule. Phase 3) The balance is over a fixed time frame. (Mortgage) What I ha
  14. I have an invoicing solution and need to put a summary of all outstanding balances on the invoice layout that I send to the client. I send the invoices out monthly and do a find to print all the current invoices for that month. The problem is that when i do that find, it doesn't let me show a summary of each clients outstanding balances. Only shows for the current month. Thanks
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