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  1. This is a GREAT tip for future reference. But this will not work in my situation because the fields I want to set are not in the layout. But I really like that example, and will definitely use it with other things
  2. I guess, basically, I wanted to make my buttons dynamic, and being able to change what happens, not in the script, but in the script parameters I send through my buttons. Again, I'm not sure if this is good practice.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that I am trying to set fields in other tables. For example, I wanted to send a primary key from table 1 to a foreign key field in table two, using a script. (Along with other data in the array) The way I have it set up right now is that each button sends a script parameter in the array. Then that script parameter is then looked up using If and Else statements. For example: If [GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter );1="button1"] Set Field [table2::foreign_ID ; GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter );2)] And this continues using "
  4. Hello! Is it possible to define a "Set Field" script by a calculation? I have a button with an array of data. And one of the pieces of information I would like to put in the array is what data to set in which field. But sometimes this button will place this data in a different field. I would like to tell the array which field to put the data in. Is this possible? Thanks for the help in advance!
  5. Is my question THAT basic? Anyone care to help, or just point me in the right direction.
  6. Hello, I have searched the forums, and check all my fm books, but i cant seem to find an answer. Sorry in advanced if this seems like a basic question! I have a portal that lists student preferences and options. It is basically a one to many relationship. So a student can have 0 preferences, or they can have 100. My question is, how do i do a search for multiple preferences within my portal? I have tried scripts that use "Contain Found Set" and "Extend Found Set" the only problem is i can't get the exact match I am looking for. Hope this make sense and thanks!
  7. Thanks... I didn't know about the "Send Event" script. Goes to show you how much of a noob I am. Thanks again, got everything to work using that script.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply... The way I have it set up now is that the PDF files are saved on an external folder, and each PDF file is created with a unique file name (via script). What I ultimately want to do is have some sort of input, or list showing all the PDF's saved, and have it open when selected from the list, or input. Maybe it's too much too ask for, but was just wondering if it can be done.
  9. Don't know if this is simple or not, but I was wondering if there was a way to open existing PDF documents from inside Filemaker? Thanks...
  10. i got everything to work. thanks again. :thumbup:
  11. thanks a lot! the file is very informative. i will try to incorporate the calculation into my file.
  12. hello! this is my first post EVER! so please be kind. ive searched everywhere on the site to try to find an answer but nothing... so here is my setup: i am building a school scheduler where the user can see assigned "rooms", "periods", and "class". these 3 fields are on a table called "scheduler". And each of the fields are foreign and grabbed from their respected tables. what i need is validation calculation for each field (rooms, periods, class) that examines that no record creates duplicates. the tricky part is this: - a "rooms" can have the multiple "class"
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