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  1. Done but not on runtime , but with this it will be only to buy one software for all the network, is there a cheaper way? Thanks, Julius
  2. I have setup the filemaker to be used with a browser from inside my network, this is good: http://192.168.x.x:80 Is there another way of doing this? Thanks, Julius
  3. But what does the point 10 mean: 10# Share databases with Windows and Mac users simultaneously over the network or across the Web. This is on the features of FM 8.5 the link you gave me: http://www.filemaker.com/products/fmp/index.html Thanks, Julius
  4. So what would I need to buy for my clients to have the ability to use my software on a network? Thanks, Julius
  5. How do I tell in the software (runtime) where to look for the database? I tried deleting the USR file and it asked for the database, how can I tell the runtime where to look without it asking for it? Thanks, Julius
  6. Stuart: Well I am getting the bigger share but she is taking the trouble of selling it and all the billing part . thanks I know I cannot give out the copyright. Inky: I went to fmlock and I am not clear on something, so I will have to install it on my clients computer so I know the details of the Hard Drive? This is because if I give him a CD then he can make copies of the CD and it will not know the Hard Drive info, could you help me clear my mind on this? Thanks, Julius
  7. I am building an application for a doctor she is planning after I finish the software in FMP Adv, to sell it to other doctors, how can I protect the software so when she sells a copy the client that buys it does not make a copy to another doctor but instead buys it to her (my client), thanks, Julius
  8. So I was reading another post and when I bought the software I bought the FMP Adv because I thought I could do a runtime app and then install it on the main computer of my client and then all the computers on the network could access the file (even at the same time) and use it without problems, is this true? Thanks, Julius
  9. I need help displaying info, I need to get records for a printing list that are from x date to y date, where can I find an example like this? Thanks, JBarber
  10. I would like to go to a layer that has a date from and a date to then click a button and a list of all the invoices between those dates will come up, can somebody guide me? Thanks, JBarber
  11. Thanks that really helps!. Will open another topic for another question I have. thanks, JBarber
  12. Could you check this for me and see if its like this, it looks like its working ok , thanks for your patience :P SolucionLogica.zip
  13. Did not know they were to fields there, I thought it was only one , I am learning, slowly but learning, I will look at it now, thanks, JBarber
  14. I did this so that in browse mode it does not accept change but I do not get the menu then? This is crazy for me. Thanks,
  15. How do I get this done: This field should not be able to be entered. Thanks,
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