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  1. I'm having something odd happening. I'm running FMS18 on a server on my LAN. When I run admin console on that machine, everything is as it should be. SSL certificate is installed, valid license, expected databases are open. When I access via another computer on the LAN, using IP address:16000/admin-console, I am able to login and it shows the server is running BUT no databases are there, license shows as expired and there is no installed SSL certificate. In the past, I've had issues where firewall software prevented accessing the console over my LAN - but I've never had a situation wher
  2. This topic has been quiet for nearly 5 years and someone recently messaged me wondering where I'd gotten to with this issue. Thought I'd give a quick update for anyone who is interested. I'm currently on FMP 18, and the runtime is still there, but my understanding is it will be gone for real in 19. So the clock has started and I figure I have 2 or 3 years if not longer before 18 won't run on Windows. I have not had the time to move towards an alternative platform. Maybe I'll get 4 or 5 years out of 18. In the time since, I've developed a hosted small business product related to my
  3. Yes unfortunately, the documentation for this product is inconsistent and not fully updated. There are the two sources you mentioned as well as the instructions that come with the package itself. They are different, and I'm not sure any of them are fully updated. For instance, my understanding is that ever since they started using FMI's migration tool, that the limitations on deleting fields had changed - but I don't think they ever updated the documentation on exactly what changes were permissible.
  4. Hi, Could you guys clarify migration of user accounts, privilege sets, value lists, custom functions, custom menus, etc? Which come from dev and which from prod? My assumption is that everything but user accounts (and maybe value lists?) come from dev. Hopefully user accounts are maintained from prod. I know this wasn't true in older versions, but i believe it changed when you started using the migration assistant. Could you confirm?
  5. This is obviously a very old thread. I love Evernote, but I've never felt security was good enough for business information. If love to use it for more but i mostly use it as a place to save stuff i find on the web .
  6. Fitch - happy to give something small back, I've gained so much from these forums. Also I've been jealous of all the developer tools available for conventional languages, so I'm always on the lookout for these kinds of things. If FMI would offer either a true ide for scripts, calcs, etc or an easier way to interface, or even go back and forth to pure text, we could use merge and branch tools. I'll do another post on what I've come up with in that arena. Olger - I remember trying draw.io, as well as a few other web-based apps. Don't remember now why i rejected it. Is there a sub
  7. I thought it might be helpful to offer a series of posts on tools I've found helpful (or, not helpful, in some cases). Some of these will be of use primarily for newer developers, but perhaps others will be of more general interest. This first post will focus on tools for documenting the development process and associated decisions. As I've learned filemaker and developed my solutions, I've found myself looking for a way to record my process - especially regarding the relationship graph. I find the sticky notes woefully inadequate for what I'd like to record: why I created a table o
  8. Currently, I'm running a FM development server (FDS) on a WHS2011 machine (based on Server 2008). This has been working fine. From what I read, FMS 17 will no longer work on Server 2008 based platforms, so I'm assuming WHS 2011 will not work. I figure I have a few options - 1) upgrade to something like Win Server Essentials 2016 that will support FMS 17 - a lot more expensive, may require new hardware, more hassle, and overkill for my needs 2) Consider the possibility of a Win 10 Pro -based machine to run it. I know that officially FMS is not supported on Win 10, but I've s
  9. In case anyone looks at this in the future, wanted to let you know that I believe I've come up with a decent workaround. I'm still working out the details, but it appears I can sell modules and have the seller use an http post to update the original account in my activation server with the new licensing info. Then, I can use Insert from URL to do an http post to retrieve license information from the server and determine if a user has the upgraded license. It isn't seamless, as the user has to manually enter their original activation key again since I still haven't figured out a way to commu
  10. By the way - can fields off the layout (over on the right) impact performance? Got it isolated to one field, unstored calc with eSQL statement, where it's taking the sum of a value in another table that is itself an unstored eSQL calc.
  11. Yes - eSQL in calcs - been using those a lot to avoid extra table occurrence groups and relationships. Okay - will try what you suggested. Just for my understanding - can these cause this kind of delay even with so little data?
  12. So I have a hosted solution, with a dashboard with a couple portals. When I go to scroll a portal, scrolling even one portal screen has a delay of a few seconds, ie I click the scroll bar or try to drag it, and it takes about 3 seconds before it moves. Running locally, it's instantaneous. Running on a dev server on my LAN, there's a slight delay, but minimal. Having read various threads about this situation, my first thought was it's due to a filtered portal, so I removed filtering, but that made no difference. I also read various posts about unstored calcs and other factors that wou
  13. Yes FMP/GO is enabled for the file. I did enable the local network sharing in the file before uploading to avoid getting errors about sharing not being enabled. Any chance that could cause problems?
  14. Hi - I've had something odd happen a few times after uploading a local file to Filemaker Server. The server instance is being hosted by Soliant in their cloud, but I'm assuming this is not an issue of their particular configuration. I had enabled the fmapp privilege for appropriate privilege sets before uploading. It worked at first, but then later, users were unable to access the hosted file. I discovered that the fmapp extended priv was disabled for their priv set. I thought maybe I hadn't set it when I thought I did. However, today - the same thing happened with my full
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