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  1. Hello all, I have a FM Dbase runtime developped with FM Adv but for Win32. Can I use that runtime on a mac ? If not directly, is there a way around ? Kind Regards
  2. Ok thanks I managed to do it using conditional value list. I wasn't acq with it.
  3. Is this possible ? I have a popup field, that display values from a value list. Is is it possible, based on the value of an other field, to use 2 or more valuelists. Example: field 1 nl displays values 1;2;3 in popup field x field 1 fr should display values a;b;c; in the same popupfield x Regards
  4. Hello, Here is my problem: Before I used to use one input language. Printing multiple records of a find result was easy : These were my steps go to layout ... sort records print setup print : with option records being browsed Today I added language options. Say one customer could be FR and an other UK Based on the language the invitation letter is different. How to impliment this in my printing script ? Taking into account that is a found set. Say I have 1000 customer I do a searh on whatever : result 10 custumers But these 10 can be FR
  5. Hello again. I'dd like to export a field value in an xml file. I'dd thought I'dd do it using a calculation field witch contains the raw xml layout. The problem is, in order that xml is valid and readable is neads a header line like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?> the "" are my problem how to keep them as is. example : normally I do this ... "<?xml version="&"1.0"&" encoding="&"ISO-8859-1"&" standalone="&"yes"&" ?>"&..... etc... But this get's rid of my needed "" at 1.0 ??
  6. I complained to early I do have to include show all records. It works very nicely. Thanks a lot
  7. Seems nice, but I can't get it to work. on Layout 1 I choose the costumer. on Layout 2 It gives me the related invoices. How do I do in for the new window? I tried but I get in an infinate loop ? I can not add show all records, cause this will break my original found set based on the costumer. Layout 2 gives me for example found 3 out of 10 records. Your script should only work on those 3. New window[] Omit Record Show Omitted Only Exit Loop If [ Get(FoundCount) = 1 ] End Loop
  8. That's what I was afraid off. But how to limit the number again ? 1 customer gives initially 3 invoices. If I select randomly one of that 3, how to limit that found set to that one selected ?
  9. Can you help me with the following export problem: Customer table related to invoice table When I select 1 customer the relating result can be >1 invoices. OK My Dbase is set up to show the last invoice inputted as first in a preview mode. Printing these invoices is easy ; I mean whatever invoice I select, It will print the selected invoice because I stated “print current record”. The problem is I’dd like to export the invoice as tab separated file. Suppose there are 3 invoices for one customer, It will always export the first(oldest) one. Even if I select another o
  10. Hello Has anyone had more experience with this. I need to make pdf using runtime versions. Kind Regards
  11. Ok but I have one small problem: The fields were : number text1 text2 100 AAA BBB 100 CCC DDD The value list was show in field 'number'. So after choosing, the number was correctly filled in the 'number' field And via a calculation, the corresponding values were set in the fields 'text1' and 'text2'. I do not have space to create an extra field in the layout for the concenate. So suppose I use the concenate as value list in field 'number'. But how do I have to do to show in field 'number' again only the corresponding number ? Can I use
  12. Simple but effective. I just make a suplementary column with the concatenate of the others. Thanks for the suggestion Kind regards
  13. Is there a work around for this Valuelist showing as well as field 1 / field 2 example : 100 aaa 100 bbb When selecting in a dropdown I get only 1 possibility to choose: 100 aaa Kind regards
  14. Thx a lot, Lee calcs works very nice except I had to switch Day and Month. The second solution works also like a charm !
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