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  1. Yes, they are all in the same table. I am just going to rebuild the layout tomorrow, and see if I can get it to work that way. There are not that many fields on it. It's very strange, any dates with the same DateAccepted and the current date are doing this - and always the #4. I will post again after doing so with the results. Thanks again, Comment appreciate your time!
  2. I just did, a new file with the 2 fields and it calculates correctly, so it must be something in my original layout? not sure what to look for. I even recreated the fields, - made new ones, and they are doing the same thing on the original layout.
  3. Good Day, Has anyone see this before? I have a simple date calculation: Get(CurrentDate) - DateAccepted - So for instance, if it was today it would be 03/06/2017 - 03/01/2017 (accepted date) which would give me 5 days. That's fine, works ok. HOWEVER, when the dates are the same, like 03/06/2017 - 03/06/2017 (so it was received on the current day) I consistently get the number "4" Should be "0". This happens between any 2 sets of days, if they are the same. Anyone know why this happens? It's very strange. Thanks for any enlightenment on this! Karen
  4. Figured out what it was. I tested this by creating a duplicate layout all with a different font. The original layout was all in Arial. I duplicated the layout and selected all the text to be Verdana. The PDF created correctly and worked in the script correctly. Copied the Airal fonts from my system to his, replacing them. The original layout then worked fine. I can only determine it was a corrupted font, or a missing one from the Arial family. Hope this helps someone else running into this issue.
  5. I get the same thing on 1 user. All other users, it works fine. This particular one, won't even do a "save record as" right from the file menu - non-scripted. Other users in his department, with the same permissions, in the same group have no problem. We are all on the latest, FM 15, (15.0.3) and using Windows 7. It's isolated to 1 user only. I've read it could be a font issue, or an Outlook plugin, which I've checked, even replaced the font "Ariel" with my own, and the same thing happens. Also, on the latest Acrobat DC reader, that was also updated. It's any layout, any record. Any ideas what would cause this on 1 user? Thanks for any leads! Karen
  6. Courtney, We had this issue also, I figured out it was because we had Outlook program as a 32 bit, and Filemaker as 64 bit. It was causing both of them to freeze up. I uninstalled the 64 bit Filemaker and reinstalled the 32 bit, and it was fine. I also could of upgraded Outlook to the 64, but I haven't tried it yet. This was freezing both when I had a script creating a PDF, and emailing it. Hope that helps! ? Karen
  7. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I know it's not typically a good idea, however it's just one word I am trying to made blink, slowly, at best, and it's also a layout that someone would not stay one for very long at all. I am just trying to bring these particular part numbers to someone's attention, as they are "special". It's just a stock check layout, so no one other than myself would be on it very long. Thanks for the tips, K.
  8. Hello! Is it possible to have a script run to change the color of a simple text box - I am trying to have it actually blink, between like, Red, and white. I am looking to get it to blink if certain conditions are met for the record, like, if it's an exempt (vs. non-exempt) item -it would blink to notify the user. Ideally, I would be great to loop it, so it runs non-stop when the DB file is opened. Any help is appreciated, thanks so much! Karen
  9. Thanks for the help! I completely forgot I had to set a script in the other file, to actually do the find. Once I had the first file call the script from thesecond file, enter in the parameters everything worked fine, and it found the record I was looking for. Thanks Again! Karen
  10. Greetings~ Wonder if someone can help me with this one? I am having a navigation problem. Basically, trying to find a related record from one related file to another. The related record I want to find is in another file, within a tab, and a specific record. What I have so far in this script is: Open File ("CAD Work Orders") <-- works ok, this is the related file I want to do the find in, it opens and script stops here Go to Object {Object Name: "WORequirements:ProductionTab"} <---this is the layout, WORequirements, (in the other file) and tab name ProductionTab Go to Related Record (Show only related records; From table: "PartsTracker"; Using layout; <Current Layout>) <-- PartsTracker is where the current record is Find Matching Records [Constrain;Notes::WONumber] <-- Notes is the field, and WONumber is the match I am looking for I don't get past opening the other file. The it stops. I have my tabs named as an object, and the files are related. I actually use the field "Notes" from the lookup file, in the current file, but it still won't find it. And there I thought my GPS was bad.. Any ideas where I am going wrong? Thanks for any help, folks! Much Appreciated! Karen
  11. Hi Brian - Wow! I can't thank you enough! Very easy to follow directions, and it worked THE FIRST time like a charm! Really, I would of never figured it out, and it just gets so frustrating when you spend all that time on it and get nowhere. I really do appreciate your guidance here, tremendous help! Hopefully someone else will be able to use this instruction as well! Scripting and custom functions are just not my thing, I wing it most of the time because I have to, to get by, sometimes it works and sometimes not, and I move on.. LOL... Thank you so much again! Best Regards! Karen
  12. Hi Brian, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me out with this? I am trying to incorporate the UltraLog into the solution I have, but I must be missing something. I've combed everywhere over the internet to find any type of instruction on how to do this. Using FM Advanced, I pulled in the custom functions, table and fields into the db I already have. I just can't make the 'connection' between it and my existing one. I listed the field I am trying to audit into the custom function "Superlog and Scriptlog" however, I don't know if that's correct. Is this, within the custom function where I am to add these? Also, do I need to relate the Ultralog table to mine, or do I pull in it's fields into the table I already have. I just getting lost somewhere with this. Custom functions were never something I really got into, but I can make a killer layout.. LOL I am just missing the meat of this here, somewhere...Thank you very much.. certainly appreciate your time! (and wisdom!!) Regards, Karen
  13. Thanks Brian! Yes, I've seen the Ultralog but figured since I already had this simple one 'almost' working it might of been something simple I was just missing. It befuddles me not understanding why it works off a layout with just that table fields in, yet when I put it into/display it through a portal it doesn't. Just like your comment, I've heard other good things about the ultralog as well - so I'll give it a shot and try to incorporate it. Thank you for your advice! Appreciate it! Regards, Karen :)
  14. Hello! Wonder if anyone has run into this. I have a layout, and within, a portal showing related records. (Parts for a particular job) When an update for a part occurs, I need that field, the user name, date and time to be logged - like an audit. The script I am using works fine, HOWEVER, from inside the portal (where the changes occur) it keeps logging the changes for first record in the portal or just repeating it into the audit log - not the one being updated. If I update the first record in the portal, that works ok... if I take the table/layout out of a portal, it works just fine, logging individual records. It's being in the portal that appears to be the problem. Each record has a unique ID number. Anyone ever run into this? Thanks, everyone, someone? Karen
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