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  1. my database its not complicated at all, its just mostly fields, attached is a screensho on what data needs be entered from computer a and what data needs to be entered on computer b
  2. OK i have this awesome database nice and working thanks to the people that helped me on this forum. OK, so now that I'm done i would like to create a runtime of this database, because I'm leaving the country for an unknown period of time, (hopefully many years) and the people that work in my business don't know s**t about computers and i don't want to leave filemaker installed on this computer either. but after i have done it i found that runtimes don't have support for network. after explaining that this is what i want to do. Database Runtime on a computer (MachineA) that can b
  3. yay.. it worked.. you always have the answer.. thank you!
  4. ok i have this Button on this Layout (LayoutA)what i want is a script that can create a new record on a different layout(LayoutB).. (im good up to there) but i want to insert the MemberID number from LayoutA into MemberID field on LayoutB.. how can i do this?
  5. cant get it to work, nothing shows up on the fields... what could be the problem?
  6. philhxc

    win size

    hello, is it possible to lock filemakers window size? im talking about the entire application.. and also disable the maximize and minimize button of the layout and application windows? and in the layout out window dissable the close button... and finally disable the zoom buttons? any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. ok, i will try to do it.. lets see ho¡w it goes thanks!
  8. hello everyone, I need to display the current number of active members.. i have a field "Estado" where it displays if the members is active or not... If ( Fin de Membresia ≥ Get ( CurrentDate ) ; TextColor("OK";RGB(0;128;0)) ; TextColor("NO";RGB(255;0;0)) ) i dont know if the "Socios Activos" (Active Members) can be calculated by looking up the word OK.. and then display the total number that the word OK appears on member profiles in the Estado field? all help is greatly appreciated!
  9. yes thats exactly what i want thank you!! i will implement it on my database
  10. i want to be able to add a timestamp with the click of a button and that that to a list, this is to have a list of everytime a member came into my gym.. for example [color:orange]3/11/07 [color:green]3/13/07 [color:orange]3/15/07 [color:green]3/17/07 with a colored background.. i know i can do this with portals but i cant figure it out how.. all help is greatly appreciated
  11. thank you so much for your response! }:| , im not sure if i explained my self correctly before if im taking an order and i have only 5 fields for product order data entry and a client ordered 7 products i want to add those fields right there.. another exple is when your attaching a file in gmail you can add extra fields for extra files.. thanks!
  12. hello! i need for the data entry people to add aditional fields on demand.. can this be done? thanks in advance
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