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  1. I'd *love* to have a listview layout where double clicking enabled a new layout to open where most fields are editable (whereas, obviously, in initial layout no editing was possible). I assume the button had a script attached that enabled interpreting the double click? How/where did you find the "button" that enabled double clicking?
  2. thanks Barbara, made example FM file (attached as zip) that works to fill in entries, but w/out ability to control (yet!...) the sort order of drop_down items from LIST hope that makes my ? more concrete for you drop-down.fp7.zip
  3. I've got a preliminary set of sorting fields, called, let's say, LISTsort1 and LISTsort2. A third field identifies (via text serial #) a record (LISTserial), a fourth describes it with a text label (LISTlabel). I need a drop-down to display a calculation of LISTserial & " " & LISTlabel, but be ~sorted~ either by the text-serial value in LISTsort1 or LISTsort2. Trying to obtain this now, can have either LISTserial & " " & LISTlabel in my drop down, alpha sorted by LISTlabel, or something even less useful. Any thoughts? Selected drop-down LISTserial items are part of a porta
  4. Part of my crude "beginner" status: record inserted to portal apparently locks so I'm unable to see record in lookup field Want to be able to push button on layout form enabling moving to another layout with common buttons left side, single hidden record that enables display of portal of many records (made table with single field, value "A", linked same fieldname in data table so all records contain field with value of "A"--link enabling portal), then be able to return to initial layout where data entry performed. Problem I seem to be having now is that after inserting data into pre
  5. John-- For all your uncertainty, you found way to teach me precisely what I was hoping someone would, so thanks very much. The FM work I'm doing serves only me for the moment, and it's a bit scattershot, but I hope I'll eventually be able to help someone in a similar fashion down the road. Regards, Marc
  6. Send Event ["Adobe Reader 7.0.8"; "aevt"; "odoc"; $VarFnm] Have since orig posting learned if I store only ref to PDF in Container field, no code is needed to double click and open PDF file with AdobReader. Nonetheless, I think it may be useful to understand how to pass a var value in Send Event context (if it's even possible!) Thanks
  7. I think that solution is only avail with Win--I'm using FM w OS X For other reasons, I plan to convert from embedded to referred in Container field where PDF is. Have tried double clicking on referenced PDF and it merely exercises my index finger!
  8. Added a button to layout, to which script attached. Goal is to enable viewing PDF doc whose name is present in current rec. Attached script to button that: 1) declares var, loads with value in field of rec being viewed 2) runs send event with these specs: Adobe Reader is Target App Send the [open document] event with *Calculation (where declared var value should be passed<--this is where problem arises!!! Bring Target App to foreground checked Wait for event completion... checked Result Error: The file "& $Var" ($Var is variable
  9. From one noob to an even more noob-- I have a layout on which there is a field containing the name of a PDF file. I want to open that PDF file is I press a button that runs a script. The script declares a local var with name of PDF file from table/record on which now "sitting" (Set Variable [$ImgNm; Value:Tbl::ImgFnm]) Then I added (Send Event ["<...) I'd specified app to be used as AdobeReader, specified Send the open document event with: indicated Document, pressed Specify... button, then Add File button to assure correct syntax for location, then at end of folder strin
  10. Thanks for encouragement, pointers! The got me through to end, just fine. Had unregularized table data, was trying to fix. My records need 1st to refer to event dates. Each {event date} forms part of a {summary}. The {summary} may show multiple {event dates}, has a unique filename, associated PDF image, retained in a container field). This exercise was trying to build table of all unique {summary} filenames (with PDF image), in part to reduce size (speed performance) of other data table. In unregularized table, PDF image/filename was field in multiple {event date} records.
  11. okay, I tried following your suggestion, thus: Set Error Capture [on] Go to Layout ["ADocs" (ADocs)] Enter Find Mode [Restore] // pause+specify find req unchkd Set Field [ADocs::Fnm; $DocsFnm] //specify target field chkd-calcd field passes var val Perform Find [Restore] //specify find req unckd THIS LAST CHANGE seems to have resolved issue THANK U ! BTW, thank you again for all your help I'm a newbe here--how did you assign your profile an icon?
  12. hello, pls see original link for my attempt to better explain prob! Thanks so much!!
  13. hello you two, am now testing with "get(FoundCount)" and learned that get is evaluating # recs in table on which performing loop, NOT table subject of "Perform Find [Restore]" script order is this: ... (variables declared, given values Set Error Capture [On] Perform Find [Restore] //specifies 2nd tbl w criteria fr var If [Get(FoundCount) = 1] //tested tbl already has rec w var value else insert new rec End if Unable to act reliably (via script) when I know item value tested is or present in 2nd table because get(foundcount) reports # recs in table being scanned (sou
  14. Thanks Todd for replying to my inquiry. Tried Get(LastError) = 401 and "401" for the condition where I knew the Find would result in no results. The Get(LastError)=401 did not evaluate to true. Actually, it seems to = 0 (no error). I know that's wrong, as in step mode can see result of Find is nada What else have I missed? Also, thanks Martha for the ErrorCapture [on] reminder. That elemental I've already stumbled upon. A neophyte FM user many years out of the game but with ideas for complex ways to solve problems. Do appreciate the simple as well, thankfully!!
  15. After running a Perform Find [Restore], I need to evaluate results of the Find. If no record is found, I want to add record to table on which Find was performed, or script will move to other table to load variable with value in next record on which to perform Find. I've tried testing get(foundcount) = "" and get(foundcount) = " " but neither is returning expected value. Running in debug, I know table BB has record with value "101" in field b. I start Loop from table AA, load variable with value in field a, in 1st record "101" Find should result in 1 record, so get(foundcount) shou
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