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  1. Well that's why I am coming here. For good advice. What you are suggesting sounds good. How would I control the display of data? I am thinking about using the new tab interface with tabs for each year.
  2. I am fairly new to v8.5 and am creating a database to capture data over multiple years. Data elements will be the same for each year and I am thinking about a table for each year with the same fields. Is there a way to create one table (Year1) and duplicate it (Year2, Year3, etc)? I see how I can have multiple occurrences of a table but this is just the same table with the same fields isn't it? Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there another approach? Thanks in advance.
  3. You can supress record scrolling by hiding and locking the status area but you will not be able to scroll the window with the mouse wheel in Browse mode. As Lee suggests you can scroll with the wheel in list or table view but if you think about it, you are essentially scrolling through the records when you do this.
  4. OK, here's the latest. Came home and fired up an old PC I have (I normally work on my business laptop, even at home). This machine is running Windows XP Pro, just like my laptop. I installed 8.5 advanced, connected to my work network and the file and it works perfectly. So it must be something with my laptop as I suspected. Thanks for all of your good efforts and advice. I shall not be a stranger to this site.
  5. OK. Reinstalled (again) and no change. I cannot see a field in layout or browse mode, cannot see when I enter it or when I type in it. When I click out of the field the entered text appears. In layout mode I cannot see handles when the field is selected and I cannot see borders or text baselines when I add them. Totally weird stuff.
  6. Thanks Lee for the suggesting that I try a new file.
  7. OK. Definately Application/OS/my stinking computer problem (gotta ge tthe boss to buy me a new Mac Pro). I created a new file and the behavior persists. I have reinstalled but here I go again.
  8. Here's some more info. Took the solution down and the issue persists. Opened the solution on a Mac and low and behold the issues does not present. Hmmmmm. I can't believe this is a Windows bug (surely would have been discovered) so now I am thinking it could be something with the way our PC's are configured (group policies, etc.) Note that we have a number of soulutions still running in v6 (older PC's, Mac's running pre OSX). The problem seems to only affect v8/8.5. Very interesting. I'll keep you posted.
  9. It is a large solution with tens of thousands of records, it includes an integrated knowledge base heavy with graphics (screen shots), it is a served file and it may have been closed improperly (it is a served file afterall). I also just checked with our guys in systems/operations and although we have Server 8, they have not upgraded from Server 7. When things get quiet later, I'll take it "down" and see if the problem persists when opening the solution in 8.5 client. Maybe we have a litle incompatibility issue?:
  10. The solution was originally created in v7. I have been thinking that conversion may from 7 to 8 and now to 8.5 may be a factor. Note that the application functions normally. It is only when I began adding fields/layouts that I discovered the problem.
  11. Yes. It's the weirdest thing! Maybe I'll make FileMaker's greatest bug reports.
  12. I have recently upgraded to v8.5 Advanced and am experiencing some weird behavior on my layouts. When I add a field I cannot see it (although it is there, I can see the field label). When I set borders I cannot see them. I cannot see the handles when the field is selected. In Browse Mode I cannot see the cursor when I enter the field and I cannot see text as I type. But when I click out of the field the text appears. I have been using FileMaker since v2 and have never experienced this sort of behavior. Any thoughts?
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