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  1. Hi LaRetta, I think my new title of Tab Master may be premature. I went in and changed the font to Verdana I hadn't done anything to the fonts so it was using only the default. I changed the tab settings very drastically and the 2 blank lines never moved. Perhaps something is wrong with my calc statement because it seems something is overriding what I am trying to do with the tabs. Currently, I can't get it to give me a preview copy via my printer. So can you tell me what to look for in the calc. I just inserted spaces between the ' ' thinking that was how I was su
  2. LaRetta, I am in my last stages of deploying the application. I ran across this problem with the PC version. It works fine for the Mac but on the PC it is not keeping the columns aligned if a person't name is shorter than the longest name in the list. I have a picture attached. I reread what you said about making this relational. I am not opposed to that but I am just confused as to how I would do that with one flat file that gets downloaded daily. If it doesn't take too much of your time can you give me an idea so that I might consider pursuing that objective for the ne
  3. LaRetta, Your a great help! Thanks. It works like it should. I am sorry about the duplicates I should have been more explicit that I was using the Global Build and Send. I just had the wrong layout being used. Let me know if I can ever help you. Randal
  4. LaRetta, That was a big help. I had no idea the tab control was available like that. I have attached my latest build. You can see I got the fields and headings to line up nicely. As you know, I am trying to replace the container field because of the poor copy quality. What you have done for me makes the summary page much more legible since it isn't a copy. Once again thanks for all your help on that. Now I am trying to add the gText field to the top of my detailed report that outlines each order on a separate page. I have used the same subsummary part we used for the conta
  5. Hi LaRetta, I am trying to format the summary report from the script you gave me. I can get it working except when the name fields are different sizes. I have looked on the forums under global format align and other terms. However, they talk about using a layout with the global fields but because this script uses only one I am at a loss how to adress the formatting question. I am trying to find the answer but I guess I really don't know the search terms I should consider. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Randal
  6. Hi LaRetta, Thanks so much for that code. That looks great. I will look into what can be done about the date. We actually don't keep any of the faxes once the manufacturer has assigned an account number. So no need to know the year. However, I want to have good code so I will see what I can do. I will be studying this deeply to see how you did it on Monday. Thanks for the help. Randal
  7. Thanks for the suggestions: Here is the script I have now: Global Build Enter Browse Mode Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order: Items::Group; ascending Items::ItemID; ascending ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Show All Records Set Field [ Items::gText[" "] ] Perform Script [ “Browser” ] Perform Script [ “Group Navigation”; Parameter: 1 ] // this is liking pressing the button to return to the beginning. Loop Set Field [ Items::gText[items::Group & "tab" & GetSummary (Items::Total Extended ; Items::Group) & "¶"] ] Perform Script [ “Group Navigation”;
  8. I put this together as to what I could find out about appending and global text fields. Global Build Enter Browse Mode Go to Layout [ “Items” (Items) ] Set Field [ Items::gText[" "] ] Loop Set Field [ Items::gText[(Items::Group & Items::Date of Order & Items::First Name & Items::Last Name & "Account Number" & "Order Number")] ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop Insert Text [ Items::gText ] Enter Preview Mode Go to Layout [ “Build Global” (Items) ] When I run the script it doesn't display the global
  9. Hi Laretta, I am actually having trouble with how to proceed with removing the copy and paste of the summary page and changing it to what Michael outlined here: Another option would be to set a global text field to the contents of the summary report, using a looping script (essentially similar to clicking through the virtual Orders, and appending the current stats to the global field). It seems to me that I would use a loop and read each record but how do you post into a global text field and append the information at the same time. Esentially, I am only wanting to produce
  10. Hi LaRetta, Thanks for your suggestions. Before we go to far, I need to clarify that this is an after the fact order entry system. The customer has used our shopping cart and placed their order. We manually process the credit card and fax in the orders to the manufacturer. They do the fulfillment and charging of the card through their merchant account. That is why the card number is showing up on the browser layout. Yes, it does come from the import. The orders are faxed to the manufacturer and we never print them so there is nothing left after it is faxed and confirmation i
  11. In post #242159 you gave this link regarding Windows http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/182123/ when I clicked on the word here it wouldn't come up. Now that I found a way to copy the link to the clipboard I can get it to work. I even checked it again on the word here and it wouldn't work for me. Nevertheless, it seems it is mentioning what I have ascertained now seeing the results on a Windows system. In this statement: ************ If, in the definition of the relationship, you select 'Delete related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other tabl
  12. I didn't just sort the records because it appeared to me that I needed to renumber them in order for the directional arrows to work properly. I will use the sort instead to see if that will make it work better, after all. The order entry person will always delete the entire order. Even if an order has multiple items or only one item. Finding the records that need to be deleted is just manually looking at each order that works fine through the browser script. I am on a Mac but the runtime module is being sent to a Windows user. I remember your mentioning something about Window
  13. I wanted to get back to you and give you an update and ask two questions. I have found a way around the delete record issue. I have the order entry person just use the browser layout to find the records that need to be deleted. Then just go to the items layout to actually delete the records. By placing the cursor on the orderid on a multi item order and using the record delete option all the respective records are deleted and it works great. My questions: 1. Trying to get the ItemID resorted I came up with this script statement. // Loop // If [ ( Items::ItemID ) > 1 ]
  14. Your correct. I was really off base. Thanks for your patience with me. I am having two problems: 1. Using the browser layout it seems to loose track of what record is next using those buttons if I delete something. If I use the button to advance all the way then back up a few records and then delete one. It doesn't seem to go back to the next record it skips several. For example, go to the end and then find 2920 and then back up one and you will see 2644. Go to 2920 and then delete that record it then advances to 3079 but then if you want to find 2644 you can't. You can only
  15. I tried what you suggested and I must have my setup incorrect because that only makes the script create a summary page after every order. I actually have built a separate layout called Build and Send. Was this the correct approach? I have attached my latest build. So please tell me where I am off. You can make the error occur by going to order 3101 and seeing how many pages in preview mode you have to advance through, because of the multiple items. Thanks for all your help, Randal Forum_Zips.zip
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