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  1. I've got no problems with my portals but i have an asthetics question and mb someone has run into this? After i create the first record in the portal row Filemaker seems to automatically jump down and create a new row below and iam seeing the go to releated record arrow i created and some of the calculation fields show zeros etc even though i havent selected something on that row yet. Is this a bug? or is it something i just have to deal with if i want to use a portal.
  2. No one has an answer here? Just a Yes or No would be good enough and maybe either ODBC/JDBC/XML as a starting point.
  3. Is it possible to export an image in a container field to Word? and what about File referenced Images? Been searching awhile and all i have seen is text but what about images Thanks
  4. I have my solution almost finished and i have created a User settings table but i must admit i have never created a Multi user solution so i am ignorant on how i load these into globals at start up (so i can use them without relationships). Can someone give me a heads up on this or a real simple example. I am stuck and wasting time any help would be appreciated
  5. no lee i got the file path no problem and i am using it but what i am trying to do is insert a document into a container without having the "select file dialog" I want to do it using the filepath i stored in a field that way the user doesnt see anything happening when they duplicate a record it just makes a copy and inserts it into the container. Right now i have it working and it names the file for you but you still have to hit the save button in the dialog and then the dialog reappears and asks for the file to insert. Now with the Troi plug in I am doing something different for images and it
  6. Well here it is. I got it working. The only thing you need to do is select the document type before you import. It will then have you select the file name it with the ID# and the Document type and you select where you want to save it(i would set up a folder for it or script a first run script) Hit save and it will then ask you to select the file to insert and boom done. The duplicate record will duplicate the record and then copy the file naming it for you and then you select it to insert. What i want to do is be able to have the insert function happen without having a dialog to sel
  7. SetVariable[$filepath;Value:Substitute ( GetValue ( testtroi::document container ; 2 ) ; ["filemac:/" ; ""];["/";":"] )] the above seems to work fine as my add on parsing calc. I forgot i could designate which line of a carriage return so that made it easier I am storing the file path in a Text global field now my next step is to create a parse file path to save it at the right spot minus the document name. I can do this if when i add the files it takes the record id because then i can parse it out and since you select the file extension in a dropdown list i can make it a
  8. It works fine if i create a field and just write the filepath in it and use that field as the filepath reference so i know the Troi File parts work. The part i am not getting to work is the field i want to grab the path to a container. Right now its returning a Relative path and the Filemac path. The problem is that i need to parse that text some how into a format that is an accurate file path. For example i have the following fields and calculation gfilepath= global,text document container=container field and "gfilepath" has a calculation GetAsText (document contai
  9. I have a document and image database and some of these documents are templates (for example an Omniform lease agreement template) I want to have the user of the solution to be able to click duplicate and it duplicates the record and the file referenced in the container. So far i have no problem developing a script that will do it ( iam using the Troi File plugin) BUT I keep getting an error saying can't find the file to copy. Now i am using a GetAsText function on the computer and getting back 2 different file paths and i believe 1 is PC and 1 is Mac however my knowledge is limited on ret
  10. Hello all! I am looking for someone who can write a XSLT stylesheet and a script to update a table daily in filemaker from a Excel document. I have already created the database i just need to add a or a script that does it. If you feel you can do this and possibly some other touch ups on a pretty complex database post your info and i can send you a copy of the file for you to make a bid on it. thanks for ur time Carlisle Knight
  11. Here are the other 2 scripts called in the inital script.
  12. I have run into a problem developing a solution and i ve kind of hit a brick wall but before i tell you more about my wall let me first say that the Troi File Plugin is truely an amazing product. My Problem: I have created scripts to copy and move image files to a folder on the database drive and I have gotten it to create thumbnails to populate those containers. However, I have found that i need to write the file extension in the save dialog otherwise it wont fill the container. Is there a way for it to read the File extension and append it in the save dialog when i copy the file to
  13. Just wondering if anyone here knows how to resize the charting add on Filemaker released. I got it working fine but i would like it to be smaller. Just wondering if its possible with the charting example they released. Didnt find anything here about resizing flash. Help would be mucho appreciated
  14. I integrated the Chartmaker that Filemaker has on their site into a solution i am developing and i am having a problem with it. It seems that when ever i go to close the file using the buttons at the top left (i am on a Mac using FMA 8.5) it closes the window but then it crashes the application. If i go to a different view or Table then close it doesnt crash on closing. The only difference is that the page that is crashing has the web viewer in it showing the charts. Has anyone else run into this problem? I have a suspicion that it maybe because the Chart is constantly refreshing and
  15. I think i have run into a problem here. I have a line item table that is viewed via a portal so formulas of finished goods can be calculated and I have just created a Batch order table that needs to read the Weight Per Gallon from a summary field a few tables away but i keep getting a message about Not allowed to do such and such with summary fields. And if i go to the table that has the portal in it and create a calculation off the line item summarys and i then relate the Field in the Batch Order Table to it nothing shows up. I think i have messed up the relational integrity of this solu
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