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  1. Thanks for taking time on this with me. So I am in fact running 8.5 (I just changed that in my e-mail) so how do I change the container field into a web object without messing anything up?
  2. I attached a screen shot to see if that better helps to describe what I am saying. Thanks again! - Wagner
  3. Actually what I mean is that when I manually type out the URL in the INSERT PICTURE dialog box, it works perfectly and I see the picture. I don't drag anything.
  4. Thanks for the explanation. Now why does it work when I manually input the URL within the INSERT PICTURE dialog box?
  5. Here's an example of a URL - http://belovedstaffing.com/images/photos/REDBOA(2).jpg
  6. Thanks for the help. The field is in fact a container field. As I stated before, I have no problem when manually inserting the URL into the INSERT PICTURE dialog box. It's just when the URL is actually imported. Any suggestions?
  7. Thanks for the reply. However, I think you misunderstood me. I am not trying to import any binary information. All I am trying to import is the actual URL to where the picture is stored so that it appears in the picture field. I can do this manually without a problem but when it's part of an import, the field displays the URL address and not the picture. Does that make sense? - Wagner
  8. I seem to be having problems with my imports. First, the URLs that import to the picture fields only show the URL and not the actual picture. This does not occur if I manually enter the URL in the IMPORT PICTURE area. Secondly, when importing data to checkbox or radio button type fields, the fields do not respond to the data and nothing is selected. I appreciate any and all assistance on this matter. Thanks. - Wagner
  9. I have been struggling with this issue for months and need some help. The "send mail" feature is inconsistent. Sometimes it works and many times it doesn't. When it doesn't work, I check the outbox and sent mail folders in Outlook and don't see anything. This has been a huge inconvenience because our company needs to send periodic e-mail blasts to contractors about new jobs. Does anyone have experience with this issue and any possible solutions? Thanks in advance! - Wagner
  10. I am having problems with sending e-mail through FMP and I think I discovered the problem. Some fields have unnecessary spaces or carriage returns which translates into some ASCII boxes that Outlook doesn't like. As a result, the e-mails don't go out. Can anyone help me with a way that I can cure this problem without having to check each record one by one? Can I define the field so that these carriage returns or spaces are eliminated also ensuring that it doesn't happen during data entry? Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  11. That's exactly what it was and it's now corrected. Thanks alot!! - Wagner
  12. Can someone help me with this. When I use the checkboxes or radio buttons in FMP 8 they are too light making it hard to make out what was or wasn't selected. How can this be corrected? - Wagner
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