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  1. How can i not think of such simple solution? Gee thanks!
  2. I have a text field which contains contents like "1A+22B-3C" or something like that. I created another number field so that i can get a sum of the text field, which will be "20" for the above example. How can i go about doing that? I tried using the filter function in the number field; Filter((text field);"0123456789+-*/") but could only narrow it down to "1+22-3"
  3. Yep that is the case, except table B is simply using Restaurant as the ID. This will be a example of my layout for table B. Its list view btw. Header Location A (Rates_A) Location B (Rates_: Location C (Rates_C) -------------------------------------------------- Body (Restaurant) (Rates) The location's rates will be the same in both tables, while the restaurant and it's rates can be added in the table B. The (rates) field in table A is different because i want to be able to keep a record incase the rates changes.
  4. Alright, thanks sd and lee for the reply, i will elaborate more. Btw, i can't seem to find the skill level setting in profile... wierd. Just fyi, i started using FM only 2-3 mths back on a almost daily basis. So probably beginner - novice? Basically in table A, i will be putting in destinations and restaurants with rates to calculate the total cost based on the no. of people. Thus table B will contains the gfield (rates) to be used in A. I can use TableB::(rates) in table A but i do need to keep records of the rates saved and not simply change whenever there is changes in B. Lo
  5. I have two tables, A & B with no relation. How can i make a field from table A to auto lookup a global field from B whenever i make changes? Any solution beside using script? Thanks
  6. Thanks alot comment, finally got everything to work :D
  7. Thats awesome! One more qn though, is it able to do a total of all the selected rates?
  8. Sorry i don't get what you mean, can elaborate abit more?
  9. I have a layout form, A, with several fields like the following; Restaurant Pax Rate Total 1. 2. . . 10. Each field is individual, meaning there is a total of 40 fields for the above example. The (restaurant field) is a dropdown valuelist from the next table, B. This table allows user to input the rate for each restaurant, so that the rate will be automatically fill-in when the user selects the restaurant in form A. For single record, i can simply relate both tables (restaurant field) and use the (rate field)from table B in form A, but for this case, i can't sin
  10. The Ray Cologon's method is really great! Almost flawless for my case. Thanks john
  11. I have a layout whereby amendment/s to the record will create a new record. The old record is stored for reference but not displayed. Currently, when ever a new or amendment record is created, i used a field to display 'new' or 'update' to notify another user. But the downside is that it will still alert the user if the amendment done is not required to know by the other user. Thus, is there a way to alert the user which actual field/s is amended? I am thinking of assigning addition field to each main field but then it will be very messy that way.
  12. Global Field I have a layout, A, using global fields to verify first before saving into the table. There is a 'New' button scripted to clear all gFields so that user can input new entry. There is another layout, B, with similar functions, sharing some gfields too, which the 'new' button script includes. So saying two users are each using one layout. If the 'New' script is performed while layout B is ongoing, will it affects? Have been building the database on a comp, no chance to try it on multiple comps. Need to know this before proceeding. Timetable Which is a good way to
  13. That will be way cool right? Doesn't sound like a complicating function for them to add in anyway.
  14. I checked the 'unique value' under validation tab to prevent user from recreating duplicates, but i believe the error buttons (Revert, Yes, No) that appear when validationg fails are very unuser-friendly. Some of the users are limited to be unable to delete or edit records, only add. I can education them, but accord to murphy's law; "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" Thus is there any calc that can be use to mimic this function?
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