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  1. True. However, if I put the calculation field into his data table, then he gets a really good visual representation of when his actual data stops. It neatens things up a treat in that list view.
  2. You are correct, sir! Thanks very much! Simple and elegant! I will need to remember this one for other purposes!
  3. What he wants, when there's no new amounts in the AC_KTR field (ie, there's no data in that field), for there to be no new amounts in the ACWP summary field (no data to be graphed). So that the graph just stops. What he's trying to do is graph four different running totals of four different data sets, each consisting of a monthly cost and a monthly running total. One of them is a predicted set (what he expects to see, I didn't show that data), the second is the predictions from his contractors, the third is the actual set (the two columns I showed) and the fourth would be a revised predic
  4. That works for the display of the columns, but not for graphing. What he gets for the graph, because there's an entry in the field, the same number for the rest of the rows, is a "flatline" across the remainder of the graph.
  5. I'm trying to put together a calculation/graphing tool for a friend of mine, he has several fields that he needs a running total generated for. Easy, right? Just use a Summary field and click Running Total. Except... on some of those fields from which we are calculating the running total, they have no data in them. But the running total keeps going. So what it looks like is something like this Where the field on the left is the number, the field on the right is the running total. What he wants is that running total (summary) field to be empty for the same records that have n
  6. Okay, I KNOW this one must have already been talked about on here, but the fact that this does not work EVEN THOUGH Filemaker says it should be web compatible is very frustrating....I'm hoping someone has a workaround for it... I have a number of fields that come up in an IWP layout.... username and password and email response are three of those fields. In FM client, I can build a Copy button that users can click to copy that specific field's data to the clipboard.... Then they can go elsewhere (to a web form) and paste that data into the web form. In IWP, this does not work... I k
  7. I JUST ran into this problem with Filemaker Server 10.0, and a reboot of the server resolved it. Don't know if that helps anyone else that is/was/might be running into this problem... I suspect that points at some oddity in Java causing difficulties
  8. My apologies if this is posted in the wrong topic area, but I have a kind of newbie question about accounts tables.... I know nothing about them, except that I think I need one for a solution I'm working on, and I don't know how to get past one crucial hurdle.... What I THINK they can be used for is to keep track of who is logged into a database at a specific time and to provide access control based on privilege sets... So, for example if person A has created record 1 in the database, and person B logs in, person b cannot delete record 1 because it is somehow marked as created by person
  9. I'm running into the same issue, with the constant FMServer Warning 661s appearing in my email. Did a quick Google search and found this post http://www.nabble.com/getting-FMServer-Warning-661-Client-xxx-authentication-failed-messages-from-FileMaker-9-Server-td21739793.html where someone tracked this problem to incorrect sorting within a portal on their DB. Thought you might want to look into that a bit. That'll be h*** for me to sort out on my particular db as it is HUGE.
  10. This WOULD be much easier if they were only collecting Length, Width and height, but they aren't. They collect thickness, for the thickness of a picture frame, they collect diameter, for the diameter of the base of a sculpture, they've talked about collecting weight for larger pieces. Either way, I'm going to give your array suggestion a shot when I get a chance. Haven't tried them at all, so this should be interesting.
  11. What makes this whole dimension recording thing complicated is that different types of components DO have different kinds of dimensions that get measured. For example, the base for a sculpture in their current setup MAY have a diameter measurement and a height measurement, whereas a frame for a picture may have length X height but ALSO a thickness so that they know how far out from the wall the frame extends (don't ask ME why they need to know this, I'm just the DB guy). Anyway, I will investigate the array suggestion proposed by the next reply, but if you've got any other thoughts I'd appr
  12. I'm revising a database that stores information about pieces within an art collection. We store information about the dimensions of each piece within the collection. Each piece within the collection can consist of one or more components (up to 3 components per piece) and I need to collect dimension information for each component so that the space requirements for the WHOLE piece can be estimated while at the same time it can report on the individual dimensions of each component. Each component, depending on the piece, can have 2 or 3 different dimensions of 4 different types (height, width,
  13. Once again, being a newbie (mostly self taught) database person, I'm having some relationship problems.... What my bosses are looking for is the following: Client can be 1 of 3 professions (Medical, Other Health, Other) Medical client can be 1 of many specializations Other Health can be 1 of many specializations Other Health Specialization can be 1 of many subspecialties Other can be either picked from a list or entered if it doesn't exist. So far, I have Client Table Client Key - unique key for each client And I don't really know where to go from
  14. Thank you VERY much! That works beautifully! I would have never thought of that (still not very good at wrapping my brain around WHEN I should use multiple relationships between the same data).
  15. And then use the preferredaddress table instance as the data source for my portal?
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