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  1. We have an employee that is reluctant or doesn't want to use the mouse drop down menu so her dates are always different making searches difficult (she manually enters rather than clicking with mouse). On those fields that are not drop down calendar style it is easy to right click->date format and set my preference (aka override hers) but when there is a drop down format it doesn't give the option when right clicking. I need two things: 1. To be able to autoformat the fields with drop down calendar when she manually enters the date as 6/22/07 instead of 06/22/07 as autoentered by
  2. THANK YOU!!! Works great! I had this as text field. D'oh!
  3. I am looking to sum a field called yards across multiple records automatically for all records not omitted. I have simplified my database and wanted to see if someone can help me with the formula. Sum only shows the field that is selected. I would like to ctrl + F to find a particular showroom, then see how many yards are in that showroom. Thanks. Sum_tool.zip
  4. I created a database where I have several layouts that are based on a single field whether or not an item has shipped. I have four buttons at the top, one revealing all fields, one revealing orders that have not shipped, and one button which reveals shipped orders. I press the button that shows orders that have not shipped and then try to press Ctrl + F to reveal a specific showroom (and thereby omit all the other showrooms) but my operator field for whether the order has shipped or not does not remain. It instead shows all orders, shipped or not. I want to use Ctrl + F to find orders th
  5. I solved this problem by ensuring that my relationship was based on opening the file remotely. When I set the relationship, instead of opening the file by selecting the open file and open, I instead chose "remote" on the bottom right of the open screen and then chose the file. That created a quasi-script when it looked at the relationship and did not give me this error. Thanks to anyone that was looking into this.
  6. Is there a way to remove and clean up all of the unused and blank file references I have in a file? I am talking about when I go to File - Define - File References, then when I look there are multiple extra lines with no data, and these represent other instances that should have been deleted. When I select and hit the delete button, nothing happens and these references do not go away. Maybe if I save a copy as compact?
  7. You are amazing! That worked great, I have got my relationships going and it looks wonderful. Thanks for the link as well, there is some real gems there. Great attachment, all the relationships and references were clear and simple! :P
  8. I have two files, our "Master" file and our "Database" which are simplified examples of our database. The "Database" file has three fields: Item #, Design, and Color. The "Master" file has the following fields: Designer, Item #, Design, Color, and Paid. What I would like to happen is that when enter the Item # in the field within the "Master" file, it will auto enter the "Design" and the "Color" within the Master file from the corresponding "Design" and "color" fields in the "database" file. How do I accomplish this? Please see attached. FM.zip
  9. I am trying to link two files where my Master list file has a field called item # that is automatically filled using a field from another file called Memo labels. Here is how I am doing it: I open Master List and go to define database. I then go to specify table and then on the drop down arrow I click add file reference. I click on the Memo Labels file and then I get back a message that says "'Memo labels' is currently in use and could not be opened. If the file is shared, you can use the open Remote command to open the file on the network. (If you've opened the file before, check
  10. If you look in the attached file and go to the "CFA letter" layout, you will see that the list only shows one record thought there are two there. How can I set it to show all records listed downward as it does in the "master list" layout? FM.zip
  11. Thanks, I am learning rapidly thanks to you guys. That worked fine.
  12. I have attached the file I am working on. I am looking to do a calculation for inventory purposes on yardage of fabric. There are two times we are entering in information and on the first time we enter data, we put the yardage ordered. The second time we enter data we put the yardage currently on the roll. I want a calculation that waits until I put the "starting quantity" to subtract the "yards" to get the calculated "balance remaining". Currently when I enter, say, 4 yards, it calculates -4 yards in the balance field and does not recalculate when I enter the starting quantity. Check it out a
  13. Really, no tabs with list view? That is something that really changes things. We use the list view as our working file and if that is not possible I will use some buttons to change the layout, any other thoughts?
  14. I have attached a file that I am making (or trying to). I know what I want to do but haven't got my "missing manual" in the mail yet. I want to have three tabs that show fields that are specific to the order status. For example when I go to master list tab, there will be all fields. When I go to the current orders tab, it will show the first 20 fields from left to right, but not the four to the far right. In the shipped tab, there will be the first ten and only the last four. How do I specify the layering (photoshop-style didn't quite work)? How do I make it so that the tab backgro
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