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  1. I have a solution with separate data and interface files. The interface file is linked to the data file through external data source. I accidentally deleted the external data source in the interface file and the interface file is totally messed up. All fields are missing and can't be recovered even when I put back the external data source link. What should I do? I can either manually remap all fields (too much work, hundreds of layouts, scripts and TOs) or start from backup files (lost a few days of work). Any other suggestions please.
  2. I figured out an alternative solution without using trigger. I laid out a series of transparent buttons on each portal row and used insert calculated result [getNthrecord(...)] script step to insert text. It worked great. You won't lose current cursor position. The only downside is that you can't scroll the portal.
  3. Is there a way to maintain the cursor position in a field when click on a portal button? The only way I could think of is to set a OnObjectExit script trigger to remember the current position.
  4. thanks for the reply. I came up with my own solution. I temporarily attached an empty related record before printing and removed it right away after the GTRR script step. It worked for me.
  5. I have a database with two tables: People and Activities. I want to print the detail of a person and it's related activities. I could make a really large portal for the activities table and use print sliding. I don't like this because the number of records in the activities table is not predictable. I ended up making a list layout from the activities table and using GTRR script step to pull out all the related activities. It worked out really good whether there were one or 1000 activities. The only problem is that when the person has no activities. The GTRR script gave an 101
  6. Is there a way to know which field has been sorted? The reason I am asking is that I want to print using different layouts based sorted field.
  7. We have a FM10 database. Someone is offering to host the database for us on a FM8 server. I was wondering if this will cause any problems. Our database was built on the separation model. Here is the scenario: The data file, which has no layouts and very few scripts, on FM8 server; the interface file, which has all the layouts and most script and uses a lot of new FM9 and FM10 features, on FM10 clients.
  8. Microsoft Access has a great function called "Collect data by using e-mail messages". Is there a plugin that can give filemaker similar ability? (i.e. automatically read email and populate data or trigger a script)
  9. I have three tables. The purpose is to get the value from the third table through lookup or calculation by setting the value in the second one. TableOne -------- ID TableTwoID Value TableTwo --------- ID Name TableThree ----------- Name Value Relationship: TableOne::TableTwoID=TableTwo::ID TableTwo::Name=TableThree::Name I set up TableOne::Value=TableThree::Value calculation. If I change the TableTwo::Name, TableOne won't get the value from TableThree. Why is this relationship not working?
  10. I have a container field that allows users to paste anything from clipboard. Is there a way to know the type of file pasted into the container filed? Text, Picture, Movie, sound or a file? The reason I ask is that I want to export the file into a folder. I need to know the type of file so that I can add extension to the filename.
  11. Let me make this clear. This is my simplified database structure: Three tables: Table_A ------- A_ID Table A_B ---------- A_ID B_ID Table_B ------- B_ID And relationship is (a common many to many relationship): Table_A::A_ID--->Table_A_B::A_ID Table_A_B:B_ID<----Table_B::_ID In another separate layout, when the user specify A_ID and B_ID, a new record will be created in table A_B
  12. Yes I did, but I need to find a way to create a new record in an unrelated table through scripting.
  13. I have a portal displaying many records. I want to create a filter so that only records contain a specific word to display. For example, my portal has a Description field. The user can specify a key word, such as "car", and the portal only show Description containing "car". I want to do this inside the portal without leaving the current layout.
  14. Is it possible to add a new record to a table without a layout? One way I know to add a new record is using script steps like: Go to Layout New Record/Request Set Field... I have a many to many relationship with a connecting table. I don't want to create a layout for the connecting table, but still want to add a new record to the connecting table. Thanks
  15. I am new to filemake. Is it possible to copy script (or a few line of codes) between projects? I couldn't even open two script edit windows at the same time so that I can use one as a reference. The only thing I can do is to print the script on a piece of paper.
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