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  1. That is a good one. I'm not exactly sure since I am very new to this. Having said that, I decided to parse the data out into individual fields that I can then count individually. So, if there are 4 items there are now 4 calc fields that have case functions. Basically they say "if this field says 'Walk In" then create a 1, otherwise do nothing." Then I created a summary field to count the fields with a one in them producing a total count of "Walk In" customers. You could probably use the same methodology. Essentially, you just want to know how many records have the value you are looki
  2. Søren, That is pretty slick! I like it. Also, It isn't that I don't want to act on the error message, it is that the error isn't producing a code that I can capture before it halts the script and leaves the IWP user stranded. I have other areas in which I can successfully grab the error and direct the user to another layout to make a decision on how to proceed. (Custom messages don't work in IWP.) I'm trying to act on the conventional wisdom that I must break everything to see what will happen and then program around those faults so the user never ends up stranded. I think
  3. Søren, Thank you. I see that in time the globals can produce some troubles. I hope to be moving up in the development cycle and as such, begin using safer development practices.
  4. Hi, This is for an IWP solution. I will be uploading my DB to a hosted server at Point In Space. I want to run my project in the separation model so all I have to do is upgrade the UI file (thank you for the advice Forum Guuru's!). My question is this, when I upload the two files how do I determine the file path between the UI file and the 'Master' file? I think I have it figured out locally but won't the file path change once I've moved it off my hard drive? Thank you for any help you can provide. Oh, these will be hosted on a mac server. PF
  5. So am I understanding that if I were a more advanced user I might consider using Variables in stead of Global fields?
  6. Truth be told, that last storm knocked me out of power for a week (central Willamette valley). Luckily our water supply is gravity fed from a spring up the hill. Too funny, huh? You thought you were joking about the running water and stuff! Thanks again for all the help
  7. Well, things are looking up. Before when I had the drop down calendar activated it took a couple of clicks to get it to work properly. So, I tried it again with a mod to my script: After #Here is where the user goes to the Splash and sets the Date Range. A button there will resume the script Go to Layout [ “adminSearchSplash” (Transactions) ] I dropped in this: Go to Field [select/perform; Transactions::g_T_Start Date] So now when the user gets to the layout they only have to click into the date field and the calendar automatically pops up in Internet Explorer. (Firef
  8. I feel a little thick on this one, sorry. To be sure I understand, 2 files will be uploaded to the server. First, the file with all the tables, data ext. Second, the referenced file with the UI layouts and such. Does the data file need to have IWP sharing turned on or just the UI file? Or both?
  9. Good Question. I think I should set up the field this way: Result is text Auto Enter value (Made up date like 01/01/1990) Allow override on data entry select contents on entering field Do you think that would work? By the way, I tested the other date selection pop up methods posted here and they unfortunately don't work in IWP... So, I think this is what I will do, gDateRangeStart will result in text (as mentioned above) create cDateRangeStart results in date Then script a validation on the text date before it goes to a SetField cDateRangeStart. Would that
  10. Here are my user find scripts... #For users to find records prior to viewing reports Set Field [ Transactions::gLayoutNumber; Get ( LayoutNumber ) ] Set Error Capture [ On ] Allow User Abort [ On ] #Turn User Abort OFF when script is tested!! #Here is where the user goes to the Splash and sets the Date Range. A button there will resume the script Go to Layout [ “adminSearchSplash” (Transactions) ] Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ] Go to Layout [ “Search Window for Administrative Reporting” (Transactions) ] Enter Find Mode [ ] Perform Script [ “Set Date TEST” ] Pau
  11. Hello all, The samples and advice are beautiful! Regarding the pop up menu for the calendar, it works in the local version but breaks on the IWP version. I think it messes with the script, especially on IE6 & 7. I think I might be able to write a book on the stuff that doesn't work in IWP. Which is not to say it is bad, don't get me wrong. I like the pop up samples, I'll need to figure the way to incorporate them into my file properly. I'm still pretty new at this but I'm sure I can figure it out. LaRetta, I would address it with a validation in my script but this i
  12. Hi, First off, this is for an IWP solution... Here's the problem. I have a user defined "Find" script in which the user is first taken to a layout to set the date range in a couple of Global fields. (Thank you to Stuart, Mr. Vodka and many others for that help!) Then the user advances to the next layout, the search criteria window. (this allows the setField to calc the date range and plug it into the date to search window.) After plugging in the rest of the search criteria the user clicks the "find" button and advances to the list view with the found record set. Ever
  13. Steven, Thank you. Using the separation model allows me to work on a local version while the client uses the "real" file, correct? I think I undestand that fine. So what happens when I create new layouts for the client, or maybe a new script or calcs in my "separated" file and need to upload them to the hosted file? I guess what I'm asking is, do the changes I make on my "separated" file upload when I point my "separated" file at the client's version of the file? Also, this entire solution is an IWP interface hosted at Point In Space. The client will only access the file
  14. Disregard. Embarassed newbie humbly admits mistake. I forgot to reference my T_DateCreated field in the script...
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