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  1. Hi Folks, I created a calculation that tells me the legnth of an event. For a single day event, it results in zero and for a two day event, it results in a one. Here's the calcualation: Case ( End Date - Start Date = 1; End Date - Start Date & " Day"; End Date - Start Date & " Days") How do I make it more accurate?
  2. Hi Folks, I have a contacts/events managment database. I have a layout for event information on which I have a portal that displays event materials - in this case files. I created a script to add files to this portal but all of a sudden it's not working. What happens is: 1) The script doesn't work if the portal is empty (i.e. a new event record) 2) It overwrites the last file added Here's the script: Set Variable [$eventid; Value: Events: Event_ID] Go to Field [Event_Materials::Title] Go to PortalRow [select;Last] SetField [Event_Materials::Title;1] SetField [Event_Materials::Title;""] SetField [Event_Materials::For_ID;$eventid] Instert File [Event_Materials::File] SetField [Event_Materials::Title;Event_Materials::File] Go to Field[] Please help!
  3. Hi Folks, I have a fairly simple database with one table. One of my fields is 'Date', which is represents the date on which I created the record. I'm trying to write a find script that finds a date range. The date range will almost always be the records between today and the past 7 days. How do I write this? Thanks!
  4. Hi Folks, Two related questions... I'm new to Filemaker and am creating an events/contact management database. For peoples' contact information I'd like to use value list for state, city, and country. Question 1: Does anyone have predefined value list of the above they are willing to share? I know this is all online but it's very time consuming to copy and paste hundreds of entries into FM. Question 2: How do you make these value list conditional so when, say, NY is selected the correct cities display? Thanks.
  5. EZ

    Applying templates

    Hi Folks, Is there a way to create a global template for layout? I want to create a template for 15 layouts and be able to change the template in one place and have the changes apply to all layouts. Thanks.
  6. Hi Folks, I am considering the use of Filemaker for an internal database for an organization of about 5 people. One of their concerns is the interoperability of filemaker with open source document formats such as Open Office. I think their main concern is that filemaker will work with other systems they have in place, open source or commercial. Too boot, they wanted to know if there is any other open source database software comparable to filemaker. I'm familiar with filemaker but on these two issues a bit lost. Can anyone shed some light on this or at least point me in the right direction to ask. Filemaker wasn't able to answer these questions. Thanks!
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