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  1. OK, by better I meant that the scripted approach is certainly more elegant from a programmer's point of view and is easier to maintain while the other method is brute force and difficult to maintain. The work has already been done for smart tabs so you could leverage off of that. I would not attempt to use that approach if someone hadn't gone through the trouble of setting it up and debugging it. Smart tabs do allow different layouts in every tab panel however they all still must come from the same table. I want to access different tables as well. And I have yet to successfully create nested t
  2. Yes you could do it that way but that's the last way you really want to do it. I started out doing this but soon learned that it is really tedious and time-consuming to modify any layout. You have to modify all the other layouts with the change. The Smart Tabs approach is certainly much better and much easier to maintain but it is still not a "native" solution to the problem.
  3. How would you do this and be able to create new records in the connected table from the other table's layout? So far I am only able to create new records for the outer table that the layout is associated with and not the connected table.
  4. Thanks for the reference but I will have to study this to understand exactly what you mean.
  5. I am working on a relatively complex relational database that logically has different tables for each category of data. I want the user interface to be intuitive and simple so tabbed panels seem like the obvious choice. A tree structure would also be OK but that solution is not built into FMP 8.5. I set up a preliminary tabbed layout with more tabbed panels inside of each outer tabbed panel. I discovered, much to my horror, that I cannot add fields from other tables than the one associated with the tabbed layout and have them accessible in Browse mode. The fields are inaccessible and say "
  6. Oh, you're right. I see now that a table is just a raw collection of fields. The order is not that important and you can reorder them if you want so they appear in a dialog in a particular order. The LAYOUT is where you actually arrange fields in their proper presentation order. And you can make as many different layouts as you want. And you can either enter the fields in the order in which you want them to appear, or you can drag them to rearrange them BEFORE you OK out of the New Layout/Report dialog. One thing I'd still like though is the ability to reopen the layout in something like the N
  7. In response to the second part of your reply, I assume you mean the Arrange > Align menu that's available in the layout mode. This works but it is very awkward. Say I want to insert a new field. I first have to select all the fields that will be displaced by the new field and move them down. Then I have to go to the Define Database dialog and create a new field. I then have to go and select the new field and its label and manually move it into position and rough align it. I then have to monkey around with the Align and Distribute commands, selecting the labels and the field boxes separately
  8. Hi TechRangerBrad, Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure the layout view is technically a dialog box. It does appear in a window. I get the impression though, that the help file does consider this a dialog. Well in any case, I brought up the Sort Records dialog box (this definitely IS a dialog box) in the Browse mode and the order there is different from the order in the Define Database dialog box which is in turn different from the order in all the various view modes in the form view. So there is a real inconsistency here. At least the Sort Records dialog should reflect the order in the De
  9. Hi Phil, Thanks for the warm welcome and the speedy reply. I tried what you suggest and I was, thankfully, able to reorder the fields but I think this is a rather kludgy way to do it because it is difficult to align everything. Maybe there's an automatic way to realign the field labels and boxes? In any case I think it would be easier to just let the program take care of reordering and initial alignment. The help file states: "Reordering field definitions FileMaker Pro uses the order in which fields appear in the Fields tab of the Define Database dialog box for all dia
  10. I am a new user and I am using FM Pro 8.5 trial version. I can add and reorder fields in the Define Database dialog but when I OK out of it the first time and then reorder fields a subsequent time, the new order does not show up in any of the views. I can add new fields and change their order within the dialog but the new order does not show up in any views when I OK out of it. I can rename fields but any data associated with a field will remain associated with the original field regardless of the new name so this is not a valid work-around. If I delete a field, it leaves a gaping hole where t
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