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  1. Friends: I'm having an issue where the portal shown below works fine in the application (FMP 16), but does NOT show on the web (WebDirect). I'm using the latest version of Chrome, and also the latest version of Java. Also, both logins are mine (the developer - complete access to file). Does anyone have a solution? Help!
  2. Friends: I'm having an issue where the portal shown below works fine in the application (FMP 16), but does NOT show on the web (WebDirect). I'm using the latest version of Chrome, and also the latest version of Java. Also, both logins are mine (the developer - complete access to file). Does anyone have a solution? Help! :)
  3. Good morning, everyone! I have a milti-line field that I use to drop in a name and address, which I then have to parse out to other fields. I've attached an example photo of the multi line field, and the other fields to which I need to add the data. My question is - how can I use the text functions to "grab" the key data (such as the 2nd "address" line, the third "zip code" line, etc) separately, since we have the multi-line data issue? What would be the most efficient way to accomplish this? Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm not quite understanding - the users want multiple photo upload/display ability. You're saying there's a better way to accomplish this using the method described above? I'm very new, so I'm not visualizing your solution - tho I appreciate the feedback :)
  5. I have an auction calendar (layout - "Calendar") with properties that display address, date, time and location data on it from the PROPERTY table. When users log in and enter the layout, they see the calendar for the current day. These properties are common for everyone, and have a unique "PropertyID". I have two additional tables with key ID fields - the first is a USERS table with basic info about the user including their "UserID". The second is the USERPROPDATA table with a "UserID" field and "PropertyID" field. What I'm trying to accomplish is to allow the USERS to add their o
  6. Hello - I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but let's have a go at it. I have a "PROPERTY" table that shows stats of homes for my users. In this table there's fields from a related table, "PHOTOS" that displays Default photo(s) for that property in 6 containers. When we add photos, new records are created in the PHOTOS table with our user ID and property ID. There's always at least ONE default photo in the first container window What I'm trying to figure out is this: When a basic user (not us - administrators) visits the PROPERTY table: 1) What's the best
  7. Hi gang - I have another question, this time in regards to popup window positioning in a Windows 10, multiple monitor scenario. The problem is - I have the FM12 solution running on Monitor 2 (the extended desktop display), and when one of my popup windows activates, it always pops up in position, but on Monitor 1 (the main display where all the desktop icons are). I want the popup window to appear in relation to where the original solution is sitting, not 2 miles away on another monitor. Window positioning is important because the industry we're in requires multiple solutions and web
  8. I'm an idiot - the best way to perform this function (at least the way I wanted to do it) was with a table "X" (cartesian) join to each tables key_ID fields. Works brilliantly. Thank you guys for the ideas!
  9. I have a set of static data that's part of a web string. The users open URL's using buttons and I use scripts to do that. I'm trying to figure out the best way to store that data without storing it in the open url script, because it can change from time to time (not too often) and it can be a pain to change it from the script. I was thinking of creating an ADMIN panel (ADMIN table actually) where the various data could be stored in text fields, but this isn't effective because the table isn't related to any other table. Anyone with any ideas on this one? Thanks in advance.
  10. A couple things that may help re - your response: 1) The Country CANADA is usually (lets call it 98% of the time another country appears) the only other variable country besides the US. 2) Sample 1 is the most common occurrence - probably occurs 75% of the time. 3) NV is the most common state, by about 95%. Maybe we could work our way up from the bottom somehow by detecting and parsing the state and zip code first, then move up to city, then street? Also, is there a way to detect the numeric portion of the street to differentiate it from the name(s) above it?
  11. Using: FMPA 16 Good evening - I have a text field that's auto-populated from an xls file. It's up to six lines long, and contains various data per record that looks like any of the following: (SAMPLE 1) ANYUSER RICK & MELANIE 123 ANYWHERE ST LAS VEGAS NV 89108 (SAMPLE 2) ANYUSER RICK ANYUSER MELANIE & JANINE 123 ANYWHERE ST LAS VEGAS NV 89108 (SAMPLE 3) ANYUSER RICK 50% ANYUSER MELANIE 50% C/O THE RICK AND MEL TRUST 123 ANYWHERE ST LAS VEGAS NV 89108 (SAMPLE 4) THE ANYUSER COMPANY 123 ANYWHERE ST COLDSTREAM BC V1B 3W8 CANA
  12. Hi everyone. This one's simple I'm sure. I have a text field where my client can type freely, but most commonly uses two key phrases (PAA and DRM). In another field, I need to format the text color to red when either of these phrases exist in the other field. The imoprtant thing to remember is that the other field may contain a lot of other text. Brain not working this am (coffee maker broken). Any ideas? Thank you! Tony
  13. Hi Gang - long time, no post! Thought I knew most everything about FM but... I'm now trying to create a field (lets call it field_B ) which contains a history (including timestamp info) of another field (we'll call that field_A ). Field_A contains frequently updated prices, and every time the field has a new entry (price) or the price changes - either higher or lower - I need a history of the last previous changed prices, along with the timestamp of when they were changed. Neither fields are global - each record has it. The data is being auto updated by an SQL feed - this is ho
  14. I'm in the process of migrating a customer from one filemaker db to a new db file and my customer would like to migrate his saved finds from the old database to the new one (without having to manually reconstruct them). Is this possible?
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