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  1. Problem is fixed, post above edited to hopefully make more sense. Thanks
  2. Wim. i have not had an email for 24hrs now. hopefully it is fixed i had the client machine to Sleep after 15 mins which is very close to filemaker server disconnect Idle file command of 10mins. i also disabled wake for network access will see how it goes over the next 24hrs
  3. The server machine is always on and never sleeps. The problem is with one of the Clients machine. we have all left our desks and i just got an email from the problem machine but not the others. strange
  4. i have FMS 14 with 4 clients on FMpro i only get this email from one mac sometimes every 5 minutes. Any advice on what to change - screensaver/sleep/power wake for network activity etc.. the server is set up to disconnect after 10 minutes but why the emails from one workstation even if it is in the early morning when no one is at the office. thanks RT FileMaker Server 14.0.4 on xxx-MacServer.local reported the following event:2016-06-17 09:15:42.359 -0700 Warning 30 xxx-MacServer.local Client "xxx (user) []" no longer responding; co
  5. thanks for the answer, i have just started using FMserver and trying to get some PDF reports done in the back ground and as FMserver does not do PDF natively i will try to write an applescript to fire an ical event on the first of the month.
  6. i am trying to write a script which fires on the first of the month. but it always fires no matter what the date. trigger birthdays send If [ Date ( Month ( Get (CurrentDate) ) -0 ; 1 ; Year ( Get (CurrentDate) ) ) ] Perform Script [ “Birthdays report this month” ] Else Exit Script [ ] End If
  7. Sure just use the set field step your field and auto enter a time stamp after the email is sent in your script
  8. Hello i have used the piece of code in my solution the field i am using is a date field for the list. i get back 2/1/2016 2/2/2016 2/7/2016 etc would like to get back 1 2 7 how would i edit the calculation to get the sample above thank you
  9. have you port forwarded the routers port. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9770/~/port-forwarding-information
  10. create a calculation field remember to back up first. Let([adj =Substitute ( YourImportedTextField ; "/" ; ¶ ) ;month = GetValue ( adj ; 2 ) ;day = GetValue ( adj ; 3 ) ;year = GetValue ( adj ; 1 )];Date ( month ; day ; year ))
  11. Thank you so much for your time, i have updated my master file all working great you have saved me a lot of eye ache looking through many line items to see who worked.also learnt a bit aswell
  12. Fitch thanks for the link, the solution looks simple but trying to make this work in my solution has been a no go for me i just cannot get it to work something that looks so simple has got me feeling so frustrated.
  13. Hi everyone. So 9 years ago i started using filemaker. i started by using the attached file as a base as i knew nothing. Over time i have changed it quite a bit but still have a problem i need fixing. 1. On the jobs layout i would like it to show how many times an employee has worked on that job (In the portal). i have managed to sum up how may time entries (total) and how many employees (total) that worked. i have tried calculations and summary but still cannot get it right. thanks Rob. Job Time Tracker FM Forums.fmp12 2.zip
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