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  1. Any progress on this? Just spend a frustrating hour trying to figure out what dumb mistake I've made when GetThumbnail returns a ? from a container field with a picture in it. FMPA 18 Mac FMS 18 Mac
  2. Try; 1. Take all updates and restart 2. Reinstall FMP 3. Turn off Add ins 4. Throw out the file Msmapi32.dll and have it recreated; Ensure Outlook is set as the default Mail client Close Outlook (may have to use task manager to make sure it is closed) Delete Msmapi32.dll Run fixmapi.exe from the run prompt Open Outlook (Outlook will replace & register the Msmapi32.dll and then open). 5. The recent Microsoft Office 365 update to 1805 seems to have voided these fixes and created the problem in Office 365. Run this .
  3. I Have a text field Staff::Availability that I use to record staff members' availability to work morning and afternoon shifts. Display/data entry is via a checkbox set. For presentation and ease of use, I have placed two copies of the same field side by side, one using a value list for AM shifts, and the other using a value list for PM shifts. (I arrived at this point because a single value list was too difficult to present in a user friendly way across three OS's and Pro, Go and WebDirect) It works fine everywhere except WebDirect. When accessing with WebDirect I am able to ente
  4. In the absence of an expert replying to this (we are in a different time zone to most of them) I can only offer this; One of my files runs on a LAN that seems to have some slow/dodgy connections and has sometimes given me <table missing> where data should be. Sometimes it recovers and continues, sometimes it drops off the FMS and has to be opened again. Maybe this is a connection problem for the data you are getting from the remote DB?
  5. I’m running my FM database on a laptop with FMP. I sometimes connect with an iPad or another laptop using FM Go or FMP. I take it to a few different locations. The host laptop gets a different ip address each time I arrive in a new location and connect to a different network. I see that I can also connect with the COMPUTERNAME or COMPUTERNAME.local in place of the ip address. So I’m thinking this is the way to solve the problem of the changing ip address. Is there any problem or drawback with using the COMPUTERNAME or COMPUTERNAME.local on a local network in place of
  6. Are the FMP/FMS host and the iPad both on the 'staff authorised wifi'?
  7. FMS15/FMP15 {{FilePath}} on my hosted files usually returns the expected fmnet:/<server.ip.address>/<myfile> Can anyone tell me why one server returns fmnet:/<server.ip.address> <server.ip.address> <server.ip.address>/<myfile> Yes, ip address three times with a return between? {{HostIPAddress}} just returns the one IP as expected
  8. I leave it open just because I didn't realise there was a reason to close it. I use it to swap old files for newer versions, to see who's connected at busy times and how much WD activity there is, to monitor the WebDirect traffic and see what a larger number of users does to WD performance...I guess I should be learning to use the logs for that :-)
  9. Thanks Wim, I will only keep it open when in use.
  10. Since going to FMS 15 (Win 2008 R2), I often get a webDirect style timeout on the admin console. I used to be able to leave it running and come back to it. Any suggestions? admin console time out.tiff
  11. Just tried replacing "self" with <DateField> in the validation calculation but same result
  12. It is a date field, validated by calculation, Self ≤ Get(CurrentDate) Only during data entry, display custom message. A forward date does not cause a validation error in the separation file. Client machine and FMS have correct sysstem date/time.
  13. I have data validation on a field in the main database, however when I edit that field using a separation model, the validation does not seem to work, it allows invalid values. I can see in the help topic that ODBC data sources do not bring across data validation from the data source. Is this also the case if the data source is FMP? If so, do I just need a script trigger in the separation file to do it's own validation?
  14. Thank you all for this invaluable advice. Glad I didn't learn this the hard way!
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