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  1. Hi all, we're about to migrate from a FM Server 9 running on a Mac G4 with a SCSI setup, to FileMaker Server 11 on a new machine. We're thinking of the latest Mac mini or the new low-end iMac - external FW hard drive for backup or a Drobo. Any thoughts on which machine would be the best suitable for our needs?! 3 databases with a total of 10-15 people. Thanks in advance Anders
  2. I am using the same version of FileMaker Pro as my client. There are a total of 50+ related records in this particular relationship, and when I do a GTRR using my account on any computer, it works every time. When my client tries to do the same logged in on his computer, it sometimes work. An exact copy of my client's account worked flawlessly on several other computers I tried out this weekend. I have yet to try out a few different approaches on my client's computer, but will hopefully be able to do this today.
  3. The only time the GTRR fails is when my client is logged in on his own computer. When using his account on another computer, it works as expected (and I've clicked through all of the related records). He's using FileMaker 9.0v3 on an OS X 10.4.10 system.
  4. No, there's no "Commit Record" involved. And as I said, it "just works" every time for me, but just sometimes for my client...
  5. Erm, yes, sorry about not being clear enough. : Yes, there's a button that's supposed to do a gtrr!
  6. Hi! I have set up a one-to-many relationship that works as expected. However, when my client tries to click on an entry in the portal, he's sometimes (not always!) directed to another entry! I have tried to reproduce this weird behaviour on various computers while logged in as my client, but every time the relationship just works! I'm starting to suspect that it's his FileMaker copy (or his computer?!) that's causing it. Any ideas, or is there something that I've missed?! regards
  7. Well, I've already done that, but the client has asked specifically for this kind of keyboard shortcut. He's been using the database for a couple of weeks now, and apparently wants to be as efficient as possible... Another question: will an If/then script mentioned above slow things down when we're on a remotely hosted server, or wont it be noticeable?
  8. Thank you both! I'll probably start working on that "primitive" script as I believe "toggling the last word" sound like way over my head. Thank you once again for taking the time - much appreciated.
  9. Hi all! Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm looking for a way to switch between layouts with a keyboard shortcut. The database consists of several tables - Clients, Objects etc. Every table has 2 main layouts: as a post, and as a list. I already have switching between the various tables set up with scripts and assigned shortcuts (cmd+1, cmd+2 etc - there are 6 in total), but now my client wants to be able to switch between single post layout and list layout in all the different tables with a keyboard shortcut. The best solution would of course involve only one keyboard
  10. That did it! I'm very grateful for the time you put into helping me with this! Thank you!
  11. This design was decided upon after a lot of discussions with the client.
  12. Oh, hold on... I'm using the "Go to Related Post [From table:"Offert"; with layout:"Ek_Offert" (Offert)] - the "Show only related posts" is not on, by the way. That's it. Is there a limitation when working when ZippScript in portals, or what have I missed here?!
  13. I'm sorry i didn't mention it, but the script works perfectly when attached to a button on the portal row. I'm using FMP 9 Advanced.
  14. Hi all, hope my explanation makes sense: my client wants to be able to be taken to a related table as soon as he's entered a date into a field in a portal - I thought of using zippScript_PerformScript and it works, but only when creating the first date. When trying to do the same on the second row, I get taken to the first post that was created. What am I missing here?!
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