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  1. Actually, no I haven't... We're running the corp Symantec and I am always leary of it not fully protecting me... I'll run one tonight and see what happens.
  2. Service packs up to date. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Uninstalled, deleted the folder reinstalled. Uninstalled, removed filemaker from registry, reinstalled. All reinstalls were 8.5A and then the v2 update. Spent all dam day on this program.... AARRRGGG
  3. It's across the board. Now I first thought it was cause I imported a data file, but even if I create a premade (Purchase order lets say) that filemaker included it does it. Even if I make a new blank database with a single field. Very frustrating.
  4. I checked all that.. here's another odd thing.... I can't zoom in or zoom out. I lose my fields. They're only visable in one zoom mode. Is filemaker going to require a decent graphics card? Do I need to update my directx or something? It's very odd. I've been using FM Pro for YEARS and never seen this on any machine.
  5. For some reason, I cannot add borders. When I check the boxes left right top and bottom it doesn't show any borders. Also, when I click in a field in browse mode it doesn't show the cursor, text selection or anything I am typing in there. I have to click out of the field to see what I typed... Also also, when in layout mode, when I select a field to move I don't get the border and little resize things in the corners. Anyone seen these issues before?
  6. Is there a script or custom function I can use to determine if someone is logged in via IWP or from network connection? I have a few scripts that I'd like to run but aren't "web friendly" and would like to work around it... If I only knew if the user was logged in web version or network version. HBO (help a brother out) G
  7. I'm working on a super top secret project and have a .dat file that I need to import into Filemaker. Now, I can take the dat file and convert to excel easy enough, but I'm looking to teach filemaker to fish. Is there any way to automate the process inside filemaker? When I open the file as text it is all % seperated... Like this: 2007%12%10%Monday%08%10%17% Can I import it into a dummy field and make a script to cut up to the % and paste it into another field?
  8. G$

    printing "categories"

    nevermind.... in preview mode it works!
  9. Trying to print out a category list... I have a database called "orders" that has 45,000 records in it. They are going to be found by account number, so there may be 20 records. I want to create a printout of each category and sub records... Kinda like: Category - Part #1 - Part #2 - Part #3 Category 2 Ect. How do I accomplish this? my form only has one line! Is there an online tutorial on reporting?
  10. actually, that did the trick thanks! Made a looping script to add company and account and end at last record and let it do all the work!
  11. I have a database built, and want to add dealer access via web. Trouble is, I have 1500 dealers. I'd like to make something easy like their company name and their account number, which only that company would know... I have the data in excel ect, but is there any way to import the username and password info easliy or do I need to hand create all these accounts?
  12. Nice! Solves that problem... but it doesn't help in another area... If I were to make an icon to "go to that line". It would grab an id and switch over to Quote_lines and find it. How would I accomplish that?
  13. Allow me to clarify: I have a relationship: quotes and quote_lines. quote_lines is in the portal of quotes. They link via quote_number. To get them to show up, each record of quote_lines must have the quote_number in it's record. Hence why I need to copy it from quote and paste it into quote_line's record. I can set variable and open quote_lines, but can't get the variable ($Quote_number) to paste into the field.
  14. I'm stuck here... I have a portal of quotes and need to copy / paste the quote number into another table that holds the lines. I can get it (via script) to go to the quote number field, then go into quote lines table and create a new line and paste the quote number. That way they show up in the portal (linked via relationship). I've read in here that using the clipboard isn't a good practice so I've been trying to change my ways and implement the variables... How do I paste a variable into a new record? Easy question right? TIA! G$
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