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  1. The database system that I created just went live in my office. I have gotten many requests for something resembling a browser's back button. Users want to be able to revisit their previous screens without have to go through their initial navigational process. Is there a simple way to set this up? Thanks.
  2. Hey there-- I do hope that I am posting in the appropriate section...I am in the process of developing a database for my company and I intend to include a contacts table. The problem is that we already maintain contacts using Microsoft Outlook. I can't imagine that users are going to be particularly willing to update contacts in two places. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to sync the two programs? Thanks. -Rebecca
  3. Hey there- I have a table in my database designed to maintain all of my company's contacts. The table contains a checkbox field with the options "Client", "Consultant", "Vendor" and "Other". Because we have contacts that are both a client and a consultant, I have to maintain the field as a checkbox set. In my projects table, though, I want to be able to show values lists of clients and consultants separately. i.e. Where the user can choose a client for any given project, I want a drop down list of clients only. My idea was to create a calculation field in the Contacts Table, which
  4. What I'm about to ask is more than likely going to demonstrate my ignorance. How exactly would you write that script? Would they type in what they want and then my script would use copy/paste? Thanks for all of your help.
  5. The only problem with that is that it isn't just the year fields for which I need to do such finds. For example, my office is divided into teams. Suppose I want to search for projects completed by either Team 1 or Team 3. Then the "..." won't work. My concern is that the typical user in my company is not filemaker savvy. I don't want them to have to navigate several requests in order to find what they are looking for. The fewer steps, the better.
  6. Is there anyway to do an "OR" find without having to use "Add New Request"? For example, I would like to search for all projects completed in either 2006 or 2007 is there some command that will allow me to do so? Thanks for any suggestions... -Rebecca
  7. I do hope that I have I am posting this question in the correct folder... One function of my company's database is to keep track of the proposals requested of us. Each proposal has a due date. My goal is to run a script when the database opens that alerts the appropriate personnel to an impending deadline. Each record in the proposals table has a corresponding "due date" and "lead analyst" (i.e.the person writing the given proposal). Is it possible to write a script that searches all of the proposals for ones due within, let's say, three days, and then alert the corresponding lead
  8. Thanks. That sounds great. I'll give that a try and then probably come back at you with more questions. ;)
  9. Here's the deal. I want any user to be able to fill out a form with information for a new project. I do not, however, want that new information to be incorporated as a record into my project table until it is accepted by one master user. Similarly, I don't want all users to be able to modify records without the notification of the same master user. Ideally I would have a two forms, one for new records and one for record updates, which could be submitted to the master user for accenptance. Upon acceptance, the changes would automatically become a part of the projects table. Does that make
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