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  1. I am trying to establish if Quicktime files (movie files) can be viewed via the web view of my database? My simple test of adding a movie file to a container field then viewing that via a web browser on another computer, did not work. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?
  2. I have got a calculation written to calculate if a date has expired but I'm not sure how to calculate the amount of time that has expired?? My calc is If ( renewal date ≤ Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "Expired" ; "" ) But how do I work out (in this instance) how many months have expired?? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for your post but it's not giving me the result I need. After testing your caculation it returns a 6 for the serial number UV432007QHU, but in this instance I would need the 0 in the middle? I think your calculation just counts the middle character, but I need to know exactly what it is, eg, 0 in the serial number above.
  4. Thanks for this, it has not only helped me with my query but given me more of an insight into the Let function
  5. Can any body help me with a calculation to extract the middle character/s of a long number or a text string, eg, the 5th character in the number 12345678 or the 4th letter in stephen In both of the examples I will not know the contents of the number or text string, they will be different every time. Steve
  6. I am trying to work out how to extract characters from a text string and paste them into separate fields from a calculation. The field data I am working with is 00:0D:93:6C:0C:7C which is actually a MAC, I want to extract each section into it's own field eg, 00 into field 1 0D into field 2 93 into field 3 6C into field 4 I can figure out the pasting bit myself, but what I'm struggling with is how to extract each part of the text string using a calculation? Any help is appreciated. Steve
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