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  1. CIMS, Your method #1 doesn't work if you embed the file into the container, but works if it's saved as reference. I think that's weird but FM might have an explanation why is it so (also, referencing is always a problem if you need to send your work to someone else outside of your system.). Your method #2 is the one I went also, but I assume you imported the PDF as file and that makes the file 10 times bigger. That still doesn't allow you to view the file in FM but in Acrobat only by double-clicking on it. What I did was I imported it as Quicktime file. What it does is opens the file in
  2. Hi all, I was wondering who uses any of the available Email plugins, like Mail.It, and what are your experiences. Do you recommend any of over others? Positive and also negative feedbacks are welcomed. I am trying to get emails received directly into a Filemaker db, nothing complicated at this point, but might need more in future, so plugins with more options are the ones I would like to have. Price, hmm, it is important, but, the cheaper I get, happier I will be, lol.
  3. Thanks, Soren and Comment. Comment, using repeating filed was a solution we thought was an elegant one, and no one bother to check if that's gonna work with regular text field with multiple lines. That was a our mistake. Anyway, it works good with regular field with multiple lines. Also, in case someone still needs to populate a 2 repeating field with custom values, here what I have achieved so far (without scripts). Let say you need a RF with values "ALL" and note type in the other rep. 2 fields are needed: NoteTypeRF (2 rep field) and NoteType (text field)
  4. hi Soren, I watched the video, but it is making the whole thing more complicated (I think), because implements value lists, calculations, globals, layouts etc. in all the related files, which I am trying to avoid. Let me clarify my problem: I have a person's record in one table with their ID# and one global (not necessary) field that represent what kind of note I want to see in the portal (all, personal, work related etc...), and notes table where 1 rec is one note with that persons ID# and note type as repeating field (2 values from which one is always "all" and the other is the more spec
  5. Hi, I notice a topic talking about populating repeating field with consecutive serial (Daniele's way) and with the same value. But, what if I want couple of custom values to get in there, like "Door" in rep(1) "Window" in rep(2) "Room" in rep(3) "House" in rep(4) Soren mentioned something about CF, which is not coming to my head as of now. I need this for building relationships (explanation for Soren). I tried repeating global field, but the weirdest thing is that the related data is not showing always (if I open the definitions of the related dbs and confirm them, than I get
  6. That's what I like about this forum, people are making solutions for problems in a different ways. David, thanks for posting your way of handling the problem. I also adjusted my solution so the custom function is now: Let ( [ vrep=Replace ( _list ; Position ( _list ; ChgWord ; 1 ; 1) ; Length ( ChgWord ) ; F1startNum ); F1startNum=F1startNum+1 ]; If ( PatternCount ( _list ; ChgWord )>0 ; RightValues(vrep & ¶ & ChgWordOccWNums F1(vrep; F1startNum; ChgWord);7); "" )) I added a (global) field (ChgWord) and parameter (ChgWord) in the custom function, s
  7. Since I was the one post it, and had trouble with it, I am now posting the solution I came with for this issue. My solution works for fields where data is divided by return characters. Field "ListNms" (7 rows) "John John x Angela x John Simon" Field "ListNmsSt#" starting number: "10" Result expected in a separate field: "10 11 x Angela x 12 Simon" I manage to do it by creating custom function named "ChgWordOccWNums John" with parameters _list and "VstartNm" the calc part for this cust. function is: ----------------- Let ( [
  8. Hi all, can't figure this out no matter what. I have a field that has text inside as either words in one line or every word is in separate line (it won't be both ways, but if I can get solution for one of the ways I can live with that, and adjust my data). Total # of lines or words will be always 7 . I have second field which is starting number for substituting I have third field which is ending number for substituting (this might be an extra, but I have it) Sample data: "John John x x x Simon x" OR "John John x x x Simon x" 2nd field = "5" 3rd field = "6
  9. LaRetta, thanks for the advices. I never said Soren's solution is wrong or mine is better than his. My apologizes if I lead readers to think that. Comment, I probably step over the line, but I saw your post insulting in a way, as I said. My apologies to you, too. Please, be sure to look the edits I made in my post. Thank you.
  10. I am withdrawing my comment posted in this spot.
  11. I am withdrawing my comment posted in this spot.
  12. "But Soren's solution IS a calculation" "I have found ANOTHER way to do it" Soren's solution is BETTER than mine, more elegant, but I used alternative approach, which might work for some other problems solving. I used something known as recursive custom function. First make a custom function (FM 8 and up only): Name the function "AddChars" Make one Function parameter named "number" Than add calculation as it is here: Let([ number = Substitute ( number ; number; number-1 ) ]; If (number ≥ 0; "g" & ¶ & AddChars(number); "")) Let me explain i
  13. : , I amazed how the left brain works for some people in approaching the problem and getting a solution for it. In your case, i found it worked brilliantly. Thanks for sharing.
  14. But than the field will increase in size in both directions, I need it to go only horizontally or vertically. Also, if the field bounds are smaller the text will start do disappear. Nice idea, but won't work for me. Anything else?
  15. I wish to have a way to dynamically resize object on the layout base on field value (similar to charting) but for different purposes. Exp.1 two fields, one has value 5, other 9. I need third object to start at 5" from the edge, and ends up 9" from the edge of the active window. By changing the values in those two fields, I need the third to change dynamically. Exp.2 one field, value inside 4. I need the object to be 4" long. You change the value to 2, than the object should resize to 2". Than I would like to see in FM10.
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