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  1. I have a chart with 2 series on the X-Axis... I want to show data point only in 1 of my 2 series... When I check or uncheck the option (Show data point on chart) it affect my 2 series... is it possible to hide data point on 1 series only??? (In my example i don't want to see any 1.25)
  2. Hi! Hi need a solution for this issue... I want to export filemaker data in excel by script... I want my user to select field that they want in excel, (they will not always select the same records)... and after the selection, my idea is to create a script to perform the export.. but I want to know if it's possible to set up the import in the script automatically.... 1-the user make a request (ex. all the female in a DB) 2-User check the field name, address and city 3-Press a button 4-My button start a script who export the selected data in excel... anyone ha
  3. Anyone knows if it's possible to attach 2 or 3 pdf in the same send mail script step? I tried this syntax (see attach file), the first one is ok, but the second is not in my email... thanks Bruno
  4. Hello, I want to put field result as a label on the top of my bar in my chart (see attached files) does anyone now how??
  5. Hello, I tried to install filemaker server advanced 10 on a windows server 2003 computer. IIS is configured I have Bonjour I have Java 6 I installed my copy of FM10Adv... At the end I check Start Deployment assistant but I wait until this time.... I have the first page but that's it.... In filemaker training series guide they said that a Java bases utility will begin to load but I never saw this!! Anyone could help??
  6. Hi I use EventScript, for most of the time, it works well... But sometimes, it stop working... generally when I close a computer (client) or when I restart the server. When it comes, a change my script name and change my parameter and it work back... it's not very funny when you have to do this on 10 computer, any issue???
  7. Hello I have filemaker 8.0 on a windows xp computer, I have two other windows xp on my little network. I have to bought two more, I want to have windows vista as a OS Is filemaker 8.0 can run on vista???
  8. Hi In filemaker 6, i was in a field and with my mouse button i was able to scroll record by record to compare data... With filemaker 8.5, i am not able to do that, I have to click outside the field and then I can scroll... does anybody have a solution for me?? thanks a lot
  9. are you sure this is works with a time field?? where do I have to put this?? (sorry but I'll never use this command in the past)
  10. Thanks Tim, I will try... However I think it's a huge mistake by filemaker to not allowed that...
  11. Hello Here my problem, I use a time sheet with hour_start and Hour finish field... when I type my hour I HAVE to type 11:00 but I want to type 11.00 is it possible and if it is?? HOW Thanks a lot
  12. Hello, I use filemaker 8.5, I want to import data from excel file.... But it's never the same excel file... My problem, filemaker always import the column title name... when i always import the same file filemaker ask me if i want the first line (title) and I say no, but in this case, I got to import from a different file every times... Help please!!
  13. Hello I am using filemaker 8 advanced... I want to create a backup directory for each day of the week. I want to keep 7 backup in my week. My problem is, when i wanted to create a backup directory, I can't! Filemaker server only want to crate backup in data/backup directory... I crated 7 directory (monday, tuesday etc...) in the backup directory, i tried to change my path when i created my backup activity but it always give me a error... Help please!-(
  14. I don't know but I think I have a similar problem... I Upgrade my FM 6 database to an FM 8.5... I put the file on my server, in the right place, all files are marked at open in my server but when I try to open by open remote I only see 5 files but I have a lot more??? and in my solution, when I press button the files open as usual... my problem, i want to access all my files by open remote?? any idea??
  15. yes for both of those questions... i thinks it's my internet provider who block this...
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