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  1. Well i Use a way of saving my orders to a pdf that uses the BillingName and PO Number as its filename. thats what i currently use but for you i think it might be something like this THe above is untested, make sure there is a folder in your My Documents named Backup. It should save it with the currentdate as the name of your file but of course its untested.
  2. why dont you just use a relationship with a lokup field. make a zipcode field in both the sales territory table and the other table and make them related andthen makethe territory number a lookup field
  3. try that as your Due Date Calc it works for me no problem
  4. Now it just stays red wether or not the date is greater than or less than the current date and i made this calc into a custom function, not exactly sure why but i did but ill change it to a calc instead
  5. Ok guy i got it to work thank you very much. one other question, why is it that when I click a date on the dropdown calender and say i accidently click the wrong date and its before the current date it doent turn red unless i open the calender again and pick the date. Same thing happens if i pick the correct date it stays red till i open the calendar and click it again how can i fix that so when i click a date it either goes red or stays black depending on what date i pick?
  6. Well There is an Order layout and a scheduele layout. The Scheduele layout is nothing more than a portal layout that pulls from the orders layout. When i make the Finished field = No from the orders layout then the PO,Client name, Date ordered, DateRequired all show up on the scheduele layout which works nicely but i want to be able to say when the required date is past the date in the DateRequired field turns red so when i print out the scheduele for the boss and other people they can be alerted to the fact that the order isnt done and needs to be. I dunno how to go about doing this Thanks for any help
  7. Can someone take a look at my custom function here and tell me why my text wont turn red. The Daterequired field is a Date Field It worked if the Daterequired type was changed to text but it interfered with the Overdue code.
  8. I hate to bump this but i have upgrader to FM 8.5 Advanced and i am still having such a problem with the "subcategory" problem. any help??
  9. This actaully has nothing to do with Colors but the amount of colors. I am setting this up for a screenprinting business so 1 Color or 2 Color is the amount of colors used per shirt. and yes i have alot of different values that i gotta input so im not sure another table would actually help me. what i was trying to achieve is when I fill out a new record and i put a number in the quantity field and i choose one of the six choices (1 Color - 6 Color) my unit price will change varying on what is in the quantity box. thats why i set it up with a case function cause i figured that the function would just go to the quantity field and check the number then move on to the color field and check to see what choice it is and input the appropriate hard coded value into the unit price field. Not sure if that clears anything up and if you could suggest maybe an easier way to achieve this i am fully open to any suggestion. Thank you as always
  10. Thank you i got it to work now but now the only problem is i need to make more cases for 5 more colors. i.e. Color 2 - Color 6 but i cant seem to do it. Would an array work? if so how the heck would i pull it off.
  11. I have a problem with my case function Case(Quantity >= 1 and Colors="1 Color";"2.70"; Quantity > 6 and Colors="1 Color";"2.55"; Quantity > 20 and Colors="1 Color";"1.50";"") Example: I input the number 12 into my quantity field and pick 1 color from my drop down list and i get a value in my unit price field of 2.70. Now as per my case function i should have the number 2.55 in the unit price field instead since 12 is greater than 6. and if i go and change the quantity the same value stays in the unit price field. Can someone help. Im not sure if i should use a less than sign instead of greater than but i dunno any helpp will be appreciated.
  12. I have checked all over this website and i cannot see to find the answer to my question. I use Version 6 and i have made a few databases with relationships and all. i have: Orders Customers UPS Now what i want to do is in the UPS database is make a dropdown value list that populates based on another dropdown list. (confused???) read on: in UPS Database i click on CustomerNAme and my Values are a lookedup value from the Customers Database. THis works fine but what i want to do is populate the P.O.Number Dropdown list with only the values that are associated with the CustomerName that i picked. example: in UPS Database i Click the CustomerName DropDown and Pick Company A. In the P.O.Number DropDown i want to display on the Values related to Company A not ALL the Companies. the CustomerName DropDown Values are Stored in the Customers DB and the P.O.Number Dropdown Values i need to come from the Customers DB. Can anyone Help me.
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