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  1. THANK you for responding... To clear it up: DB1 holds the item description and related info and 6 fields relating to locations where that item may be located, it is a quick reference and shows a total of all the sites too. To keep installers from getting into that area i created a second DB to track who takes or moves items in or out of locations (in this DB2 I create a record each time they input the changes. THIS is where I would like the fields to be updated in DB1 to either add to a number or with a negative remove from the stock level (without creating a new record there). I had it c
  2. PLEASE. even if you think it won't work... Let me know. I REALLY need to get this done and if I can't update a field by adding to the number already there I would like to know I'm going down the wrong road. Thanks
  3. For some reason my mind is slipping.. I have an inventory database with each record identifying an item and several fields with qty of that item in different locations. I have a second database where people input changes to the stock locations (this tracks the inputter by records and their actions). I want to input numbers in the second database and have it add to the field in the first without creating a new record there. Any help please?
  4. Thanks but it didn't come back with a way to do what I am looking for... I will keep looking ! Thanks for the response!
  5. Is there a way to have the value lists for say different depatments limit the list to that account login. I have a large company with multiple programs so if someone in Health logs in under health I want only the health related divisions to show in the division drop down list, same with other departments... Can it be done? Thanks
  6. That's it... I was trying to use them in a field not a text box! You made my day! Thanks
  7. I know this has to be easy but it is giving me a hard time! All I want to do is date stamp a report with the current date when it is printed each time. Please help my brain is hurting...
  8. : Well it worked for me THANKS!!! been reloading the thing for half a day!
  9. Thanks for the info and temp... I need to let this soak in and will take a deep look at it in the morning! It's 1:30am here and I'm a bit in a daze. Thanks for the input and samples, I'll see if it does it for me tomorrow. Take care
  10. Well it does look the same on the relationship section (3 compared to my 4) BUT doesn't quite address my problem. If I do a find with only 2 of the 4 fields linked to the other database it just doesn't get the related records from database 2. Even if the other 2 fields are empty in both databases?? I can't figure out how to build the relationship to allow it to know if the field is blank to ignore it? The options are basic = less than greater than etc. Any clues *My quick fix was to add an "n/a" in the fields I am not using for that record but I would like nothing to be in the f
  11. Thanks... I am tracking an agency that has 4 levels of a department, Ministry - Bureau - Division - Program There are goals for each, sometimes they want a goal for the Program level (using all 4 fields) and then at times they want the top levels only (which do have seperate goals too). I have the main DB that if you find using all four M-B-D-P it brings over information relating to that. BUT there are some goals that only relate to the top level so I do a find on just the M-B (the other field are empty. But because I told the DBs to relate all four fields to match it does not bring the
  12. HELP... I have 2 databases and they are linked with 4 relationships (A=A and B=B and C=C and D=D) If all 4 are filled in no problem it matches the records BUT if only 2 of the 4 relationships are filled in (other two are blank in both DBs) then it can't find the records?? How can I set it up to realize 2 are blank but they match and the records are looked up? Thanks
  13. Is there a way to have a button take you to a specified layout but then also to a certain tab on that layout? Thanks
  14. Thanks... that worked and one other way too... Appreciate it!
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