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  1. Hi, you could add a field that gets populated when the email is sent. And have your script say, that if this field is empty to send the email anytime within those 7 days. Once the email is sent, if anyone else opens the database and it goes through the script, it will find the field populated and abort sending. Hope this helps.
  2. Thank you very much I appreciate it. carlstarus
  3. Hi, Does anyone know how to open a pdf from a container field in FileMaker ? I have seen this once but forgot where. Any examples possibly ?
  4. You are completely right of course. Thank you! It works beautifuly.
  5. I have attached a copy of the DB for you to check is you could. The calc doesn't seem to update. Thank you for your help.
  6. Thank you for trying to help, but the calc. : Let ( [ jobDone = NOT IsEmpty ( date_end_job ) ; daysOver = Case ( jobDone; date_end_job - date_start_job ; Get ( CurrentDate ) - date_start_job - estimate_duration_job ) ] ; Case ( daysOver > 0 ; "This Job " & Case ( jobDone ; "has overrun " ; "is overrunning " ) & "by " & daysOver & " Day" & Case ( daysOver > 1 ; "s" ) ) ) didn't realy work, because it seems to ignore the end date when this is entered.
  7. Thank you very much for your reply. I am realy gratefull for your help. It worked like a charm.
  8. I am creating a database for a Landscape contractor business. ( my brother's ) I have Job table with a "date_start_job" field, a "date_end_job" field, and also a "duration_job" calculation field which is ( "date_start_job" - "date_end_job" ) . There is also a number field called "estimate_duration_job". What I want to do is have a message appear that shows all jobs which are overdue. Overdue jobs are jobs where the "date_end job" is bigger than the ("date_start_job" + "estimate_duration_job") but also where the current date is bigger than ("date_start_job" + "estim
  9. Thank you very much for the tip. I will try it that way. ( gFilter ) Carl
  10. I am creating a CRM DBase, I have 2 Tables (Cases) and (User InterfaceTable). I need to create a relashiopship that shows all Open cases for each User when they log in. I have a gUser field and a gCasestatus field in the User_Table, both are globals. And I have the same fields in the Cases table, both with "normal" data. When I try to view the open case in a portal, nothing gets displayed even though both gUser and gCaseStatus fileds have the correct value.( "Admin" and "Open" are the 2 values.) I have created a new user, ( User1 ) and for this user Open Cases DO get displayed.
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