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  1. Thanks for the follow-up. Sometimes it can feel like a lonely place working on Filemaker. I found a way around the field calc/trigger problem by creating a stub script in the data file. That script is referenced by the original field, but it merely calls perform script referring to the target file/script. As for the solution, it's a separation model with multiple windows potentially working from multiple people/workstations. Primarily, it's multiple workstations. For example, a two people will be entering sales orders. But you might also have someone working on new product entries w
  2. I have a solution I'm working on that has the data completely separated from the interfaces by way of files. The files have file references as normal. My problem is that I need to have a field exit script trigger a script. No problem with ZipScript pluggin. But the issue is that when I call the script when it's resident in the data file, it needs to update a field. But that table is open in the interface file that originally modified it, so I get the infamous "This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window". I want to modi
  3. I have a layout I copied that when you view in browse or preview, the related (detail) records show the same records for every row. For example, say there are 10 detail rows for the main header row (linked in a relationship). Instead of showing 10 rows, one per detail line, i get 10 rows of the first detail line. This is killing me but I'm sure it's something simple. Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you a bunch. I'll take a look at it and see what I can do.
  5. Help, I have to retrofit an old application that has an invoice layout. In it, I have the master information, that I can load into variables no problem. But when I go to the portal, and try and set the variable data, it keeps using the first records data, even though I use a "select" option with the "Go to Portal Row [select; No dialog; $CurrentPortalRowNum + 1]. $CurrentPortalRowNum is set at the beginning of the loop. I know I'm on the correct portal row because in the debugger, the select highlights it properly. Further, using the data viewer, the $CurrentPortalRowNum is incrementing
  6. Sorry to hear your having issues. I'm running 8.5 Adv. and 8 server and have created new databases, and continued working on a monster (literally) system with no Filemaker issues.
  7. So far I've had no trouble. I'm running 8.5 on Leopard. My solution currently is a multi-file (interfaces and data) and I've tested FMS 8 as well. That is not to say I've tested security or all functions yet.
  8. I figured out the portal row number, for those that care. I need to set a variable at the beginning of the script for the current portal row number (the one that the focus was on) and then use that variable at the end to go to the appropriate record. For some reason when I did the selection at the end of the script, it lost it's reference, even though all the script did was set variables and fields.
  9. Well I created a button out of 4 fields in the portal. The script does it's stuff fine, but at the end of it, I wanted to highlight the row, just like Go To PortalRow does. So filemaker should know at the time the user clicks the context of the row thats being clicked, but it always comes back with 0, so I assume it can't determine it. Take a look at the attached screen shots. In Screen 1, you see the layout and under the "Detail Records" portion, there is a header label that says "Click a Product Detail..." This is the portal I'm referring to. Currently, when you click, I have a button
  10. Funny thing is I'm doing the exact thing on my app. My problem is that I want to use the "Go To Portal Row[select; Get(PortalRowNumber)] but it doesn't input the row number. If I leave "Perform without dialog" unchecked, it comes up with the dialog and the appropriate number of portal rows (0-9 for example), but how do I script it to set the number for the row clicked?
  11. Well, it must be the act of writing it out that helped me. I changed the temp table to global fields (thanks to your earlier suggestion) and now it works as well.
  12. Here's a screen shot of the layout
  13. That sounds like a good idea. And since it's global, you can have it in just one place at startup. I'll have to implement that. I do have one that you may be able to help as well. I have a layout that has a master record on the top, and a tabbed detail area below. No big deal. But in the detail area, I have a portal. This portal, if i were to put all the detail records in it, would be way to wide. So I thought, hey, why not create a temp table of the same layout as the detail and then when you click on a portal row (I created a button action tied to a script), it would get the portal data
  14. Wait, I forgot the script. It works perfect. Maybe I should go for a walk outside. I'm in Chaska btw.
  15. Interesting. I added a field to the layout's supporting table, as a global calc field (my data is separated into a different file). I also added the same field to the primary table in the separate file just for giggles. When I use the local reference, it doesn't contain any data. When I use the remote reference, it shows the username only when you click into the field. I'm thinking its pretty nice out right now. Makes me want to leave the office.
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