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  1. Short, sweet and to the point, thank you very much sir. My sanity restored ...
  2. Hi there, Currently looking at a solution, and seeing that there are accounts used from the data api that also have [full access] permission. Furthermore, people are also logging in per FM Client with this account ... PLEASE - someone provide me with a sanity check and tell me this is indeed wrong (as I fully think it is)? Thanks in advance G
  3. After a sync, the following text appeared within a container field set up with External (Secure) Storage (this is just the first line of the text) This error is across many records. At the same time, the database actually doubled in size ... It appears to have happened to a set of records that were modified that day (although the modification was actually in a new field - none of the fields set for mirroring were modified) Has anyone seen this before? Any idea what may have happened? Many thanks in advance, G
  4. Hi there, I have inherited a MirrorSync installation ( FMS17 / MirrorSync 5 ) Apart from the online MirrorSync documentation, there is nothing else to check this with (so ein schmarrn) Setup = Server1 > Server2. It is supposed to be setup for a failover (but this has not worked automatically for over a month) I need to reboot Server2 Is there anything I need to watch when rebooting? I would usually use the Filemaker Server console to simply close the databases before I reboot. BUT : will this effect in any way affect Server 1 (it has a External Data Source to t
  5. Hi Ryan, many thanks for your answer. So, somewhere in the licensing we may already have a the possibility to do a server to server * 2 . And if not, I can buy such an option. Great stuff. Your comment "(this will work for any MirrorSync license)" - does this mean that "add to existing MirrorSync 6 license" will also work for a MirrorSync 5 license? MANY thanks in advance Ryan. kindest regards, Glorifindal
  6. Hi there, I have inherited a MirrorSync installation ( FMS17 / MirrorSync 5 ) It is my first time visibility to MirrorSync, and I have been working my way through it. Impressive solution indeed. Setup = Server1 > Server2 (1-way) I want to mirror to a second server, so: Server1 > Server2 (1-way) AND Server1 <> Server3 (2-way) Question: Is this possible? Question: What would I need in order to do this? Many thanks in advance. Glorifindal
  7. I am attempting to export XML and transform it - from Filemaker, to be usable in Word. For straight fields- no problem. For related data - I have it working, but once I start to attempt any sort transform, that's where I get unstuck. I have 3 columns that I want to format as follows ( as a table - it would actually be a table within a cell - BUT, perhaps someone has a better suggestion that a table within a cell ? ): Nr. Name Type Call-Sign 1 Jones Extra BRD2 2 Trucker New GF21 3 Brint Extra ASD2 I have got the Name column working fine... I just need
  8. Hi there, I'm back to Filemaker after a long break - and have been told to implement a Calendar. I am using a calculation field for each "Day" - as each field is not so much a date as a list of Date attributes - based on the date - i.e for the 10th of November the multi key list would be: 10/11/2012 monthday10 monthnum11 SecondSaturday I did OK (I think) as long as the Calendar was allowed to start on the first grid square (the first field knew that it was referring to the first of the month) BUT - the boss now wants the 42 day grid - with the first days as well as the last days
  9. Hi there, Filemaker 11.0.4... When I browse to a layout with a webviewer on it, it gives an ugly flash of white. Does anyone know how to supress this flashing? May be a silly question - as it's a dynamic layout object and it is simply refreshing itelf, but it's a question wrth asking... Pax et Lux Glorifindal
  10. So, I got so far - which I think works now anyway - "Q" and Int(( Mod ( dateEnd ) + ( 12 - 4 ) ; 12 ) +1 +2 ) / 3 ) & Right(Year( dEnd ) - (Month ( dEnd ) < 4 ;2) Not to elegant but it seems to work. The 4 in the above is April, our Fiscal year If someone can improve on this, or see a bug in it, please let me know, kindest Glorifindal
  11. Hi there, so, I worked out how to do a Year Quarter, based on a project date ending, when my boss turned and said - err, I meant Fiscal Year. Which leaves me with working out how to show which quarter a date is in - over 3 years , last year, current year, next year For example, the date 26/03/2011 is in the last quarter of last year, The data I am producing is in the format (Jan...Dec Year): Project 1 Q1 (date = 26/03/2011) Project 2 Q3 (date = 10/08/2011) What I need to produce is ( UK, Fiscal year start to Fiscal year end) : Project 1 Q410 (date = 2
  12. Thank you very much - works fine I would also prefer a custom function - but this will do for the moment kindest Regards Glorifindal
  13. Hi guys, sorry, I fell asleep (up in Scotland) @BruceR - actually, FMP 11 - need to update - sorry @Comment - nice one - I'll have a look and get back. Many thanks Glorifindal
  14. Sorry - The items table is a great great grandchild of the Owner table - not just a child Owner - shop - category - Item Two other tables between Owner and Item Hope that is clearer
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