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  1. Yes I do have developer access.. ..the problem is that I don't know how to resolve the problems stated above. I have access to do it but just don't know how. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Thanks John, but I did say simple language. Any chance you could elaborate on what you mean? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, In my university database, I have a portal which includes the fields of subject, year subject offered, not offered etc. Problem 1 I want to create a layout (letter) where I can selectively choose particular subjects to appear in the letter. Currently ALL the subjects appear (or as many rows as the portal has), which is not what I want. I want to selectively choose subject 3 and subject 5 for instance, to appear in the letter and no other. How do I do this? Problem 2 There is also a script set up as a button which database users can press to email individual
  4. Thanks LaRetta. Works like a charm! You've been a great help. Very much appreciated! :thankyou:
  5. Hi LaRetta, I basically need a formula which states: Any number commencing with 2 or 4, add initial zero. This should cover all instances. To answer your questions: 1. In Excel, the zero does not appear when you click in the cell. The data has been imported as a number. However, when I select the two columns in Excel and change to text, no change occurs. 2. This is an import I will need to do approx. 6 times per year. The data is imported into Excel from a central university database, which I'm eventually importing into Filemaker (a departmental database). The University
  6. Hi all, I'm importing phone numbers from Excel but the Excel data does not show the initial zero on numbers. The data is to be imported in two fields. The first field is for cell/mobile phones and a zero should appear in all records. The second field is for landline numbers. Some of these numbers have a zero as part of an area code prefix, while other records have the cell/mobile number entered in this field. However, most records do not need an initial zero. I don't want to make the changes manually as it is over 4000 records being imported. Should this be resolved in
  7. This would be the ideal option. But how do I do this?
  8. Thanks. I will try 'Show all Records' to see if it makes a difference.
  9. Hi all, In my student database I have a checkbox field which identifies students with a disability. I have added a button next to the checkbox which users can click to take them to another layout which provides extensive info. re: the disability. Question: From a design perspective, it looks confusing (and ugly) having both a checkbox and then a button next to it. What options do I have in making this design more user-friendly? Is there an option where the checkbox and button are one and the same?
  10. Hi all, In my student database, I wish to regularly add new students but also update the current student records. As I import the Excel file which contains the relevant information, I choose the option 'update matching records in found set' and I tick 'Add remaining data as new records'. In the field mapping section, I choose the Student ID field (which is a unique field) as =Match records based on this field These options should all be correct for the purpose of updating existing records and adding any new records. However, instead, this import adds new records
  11. Great work Daniele!! Works perfectly. Thanks very much..and thanks also for the quick replies. cheers.
  12. Thanks Daniele, But this doesn't work: an operator is required where you have "Case". In addition, what is firstDigit? Is this supposed to be a field? Filemaker is asking for a field. Sorry I'm not good at functions/calculations so I don't understand this. Could you explain further and more simply?
  13. Hi all, Our student database has 7 digit student numbers. The first two digits represent the year eg. In the number 9876555, 98 represents the year 1998. In the number 0129292, 01 represents the year 2001. Now I need to include the 19 or 20 (ie the full year) to these existing numbers so that: 9876555 becomes 199876555 0129292 becomes 200129292 How do I do this?
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