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  1. UPDATE: problem solved, for now at least. I do not know the root cause, as I made several (appropriate) changes all at once. Big thanks to Wim for pointing me towards the .NET info. Here's changes I made: Checked Windows 8.1 Update (both installed and non). There was a .NET update (optional). There was also a few optional updates that spoke of stability and performance fixes (optional?! WTF?). Installed them. Rebooted it, checked FMPROADV14. Still same crashing. Googled some more, found a reference to AppCrashView on MSWINSUPPORT site. Downloaded it, helpful utility to show sum
  2. Here is the header from the crash dump. Unfortunately, the fault module name seems to be internal not external (e.g. DLL). It is non-helpful to me (i.e. cant swap a DLL). ACK on the .NET framework changes. I will check for updates to it on the possibility of some dependency/interoperability bug. -------------- Version=1 EventType=APPCRASH EventTime=130765221878489520 ReportType=2 Consent=1 UploadTime=130765221878802045 ReportIdentifier=0492a5dc-fe3a-11e4-bea4-d4bed9fca8d8 IntegratorReportIdentifier=0492a5db-fe3a-11e4-bea4-d4bed9fca8d8 NsAppName=FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe Response.type=
  3. Hi Wim, thanks for the reply. Yes, 64b win and 64b FMpro. Will try the syntax, thanks much. I found similar syntax that revealed mixed results including same crash behavior but no success. Workaround is move FMP file around between DEV and SRV systems. It will work but annoying Will also install fm pro adv on another similar spec system later and see what happens - Dave
  4. With the slight chance that someone else is experiencing the same issue... I installed FMPRO Adv 14 on my stable Windows 8.1 system a few days ago. It unfortunately has a consistent and huge issue - 1. it crashes immediately if I launch through standard launch mechanisms. I.E. immediately upon initial window opening. 2. Workaround is to doubleclick the local DB file to open, and it works fine and is stable. 3. If I then try to open a local or remote DB, (e.g. File -> Open -> ....) it crashes immediately after releasing mouse button on menu selection. Unfortunately - I need to
  5. FWIW - I had a relative complex solution I developed and "hosted" using IWP. After some basic mods (and then improvements, like popovers) - the app/DB works well on an iPad. As the other responders point out, it may not be supported. But it does work, and it works quite well.
  6. It's not 100% important to point out, but available bandwidth is only part of the problem. Even if you upgraded the slowest link (DSL) to a faster connection (vDSL, cable, dedicated net, etc) -- you're also experiencing the classic effects of network latency. You have a distributed application, where the CLIENT must retrieve significant amounts of data during the sort from the SERVER across a high latency network (regardless of bandwidth). Most likely, the FM protocol that is responsible for the data retrieval is not network optimized -- i.e. it probably does not do bulk transfers, rather
  7. I'm hosting 25 FM Advanced Pro apps on a single PC-architecture system using VMWare, with 25 virtual machines each hosting one app. I needed to support few users (less than 2-3 concurrent) and low usage rate (5-20 logins per day, per server). PC: $600 worth of HW. 3Ghz multicore, 3GB RAM, 160GB drives mirrored. SUSE Linux base OS, VmWare. VMWare partitions running WinXP, 192MB RAM, 5GB storage, unique copy of FM Pro. SIngle IP Address for whole server. Each company licenses a copy of FMPro. Each FMPro instance configured to listen to a specific TCP Port. Users have a U
  8. Seems like it should be possible to create a script that runs on the IWP host (which is also logged into the DB as a user) to periodically execute a script that would execute this emailer. Architecture would look something like: 1. User executes an application script that you would like to result in an email being sent. Within this script, you create a new record in a "BatchEmailer" table. 2. IWP host system/user periodically checks the BatchEmailer table for new records. You can create this periodic check routine yourself or get a script scheduler add-in. 3. Upon finding a new
  9. Gotcha - FWIW I'm looking at my IWP app right now, looking at a Form layout, and I have a horiz line and a branding header at the top of the form, and no white space. I checked the layout, and it DOES have a header defined. So, I created a new layout with no header -> resulted in white space at the top, as you described. Then I added a header to the same test layout, and minimized its size. Resulted in a very small white space at top. I never observed the side-white-space issue. HTH!
  10. Just noticed you're using FM 7 - perhaps it is version specific and someone else will chime in with more info...
  11. I do not have white space at the top/side of my IWP published app in FMProA 8.5, so I assume some object or setting you have is occupying the space.
  12. While the browser may support the opening of new windows/browser instances, FM/IWP does not support that function. You'll have to code a work-around, like a tabbed UI or incorporate your own "back" button...
  13. Folks, I am looking for feedback from anyone who has hosted applications via IWP/FMSA 8.x with multiple files to many users. I have not found much "heres what you can expect" information published anywhere. Having been part of the vendor community for a long time, I full-well understand there are published specs and then there's what you can really expect, so... Feedback wanted: ----------------- Who has experience with this type of deployment on FMSA 8.x and IWP? - relatively small app/file, available only through IWP - many deployed instances of the app/file per server
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