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  1. Hi IdealData, Thanks so much for your help. It's working fine and my staffs are all happy with it. I can head home now... Thanks again!
  2. So you mean to place the global fields above the portal frame and make it look as if it's the empty top most portal row. Enter data in the global fields then script to set the actual empty fields in the portal? In this case, is there a way to not show that empty portal row at the bottom?
  3. Dear Professionals, New row for entering portal data is defaulted to be at the very bottom of the list. Is there a way to keep it at the very top?
  4. Thanks for your clue and the AhHa moment! Importing... It wasn't in my mind. I mind was stuck with duplicating. I'll try the importing method using Go To Related Record, making the the found set in the quotation line items table, then importing to the invoice line items table, set the foreign key to them. Cheers!
  5. Dear Professionals, I need your help. My friend is working in a construction company and has a huge number (almost thousand) of line items in each of his quotation. He wants to create new invoice from this quotation. Or should I say duplicate the quotation line items as new invoice line items. He is currently opening new invoice window then drag and dropping all these line items from quotation not the quotation line. I can imagine his pain scrolling the portal rows and then making modification in the invoice... It would be so great if you could lead me to some clue. I'm using Fi
  6. Thank you all! raybaudi's calculation best fitted my need this time. I should have payed more attention in my Math class...
  7. Dear Professionals, I'd like to restrict certain field so that the user can enter only a certain decimal number. I only want the users to enter: 1.5,2.5,3.5 and so on. Only x.5 But not: 1.1,2.4,3.7 and so on. I've tried the Round() function at Auto Enter Calculated Value, but did not work. I'd really appreciate if someone can help me out.
  8. Thanks for your help again bcooney, I've got it done. I'm pretty sure this will get me out of the nightmare soon. Although, I'm getting bunch of phone calls for today since I've changed the interface on the weekend without notice. ;)
  9. Thank you Inky Phil and bcooney, Yes, I use auto serial unique ID in every tables for primary key. I'll get rid of the drop-down list and go with bcooney's idea to force users to check the contacts from invoice. New button in the contact can also force them into find mode to check existing contacts first... thats your idea right bcooney?
  10. Dear Professionals, There are quite many duplicate contacts which my user makes. It seems it is so troublesome for my users to first search for the contact if they already exists or not. I need to delete these duplicate records very often since the drop-down list in Invoice shows the duplicate contacts and my users starts calling me for deletion. This is so annoying, and hope someone can help out from this nightmare. Are there a way to script to check for duplicate record when user clicks a new button. Or even a better method you the professionals use to prevent this.
  11. Thank you aldipalo and jrr316! The ValueListDemo file is exactly what my colleagues need. You really saved me!
  12. Dear Professionals, I'm making invoicing solution for my company. My colleague wants an interface that could narrow down selection of value list based on other selected value list. Selections 1st: the Company Name 2nd: the Division Name (by selecting the pop-up above, this 2nd pop-up shows only the divisions that refers to this company) 3rd: the People Name (then this 3rd pop-up shows only the people that refers to this company & division) I think this is not so difficult, but I am not really used to the relationships (TO). I've looked around many site and found someth
  13. Forgot to attach! RoundTime_CustomFunction.fp7.zip
  14. I couldn't have solved my problem without the great many helps here, and never this ellegant! Thanks again "comment"!! Attached is the fixed version. Anyone who needs this, just download and leave thanks to "comment" please.
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