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  1. Anyone contacted by or responding to ads placed by a Minneapolis MN company called "alwaysBEthere" would be advised to contact me back-channel for further information.
  2. Time to end the suspense and explain what's going on. I appreciate all the feedback. Here's the deal: My company's owner/executive is the person who has proposed this plan as an alternative to my standard plan of having the regular users put a small percent of the live data (5-8 %) into BOTH systems, enough dual data entry to give the new system a good solid shakedown cruise, after which the data in the new system would be dumped and all data from the old system reimported, and from then on the new system would be THE system, with the old one available only as a reference. The comp
  3. Hi, LaRetta, thanks for responding! Yours is a name I wish I still saw as often as I used to. The main advantage to the proponent(s) of this approach (sorry for the deliberately vague wording, we are trying to avoid coloring responses by possible reactions to AHunter3 per se) is to not do redundant data entry -- to enter a few types of orders in the NEW system which would NOT be entered, at all, at any time, in the OLD system. No order gets entered twice. The concerns you have raised, about messiness and confusion, are prominent among those voiced by the opposition who are less e
  4. I work for a company using a high-volume database, at the core of which are two main tables, Orders and Line Items. The system in its entirety is massively complex as well as old and creaky, so with their affirmative blessing I rebuilt from scratch. New system is being beta tested. The following may or may not be my idea; it may or may not be an idea proposed instead by someone else at my company.: I have asked this elsewhere on message boards where I am more active. I hope that simulposting it here is not considered bad form, but I'm trying to get a decently wide set of responses.
  5. You can have every version ever created on the same machine. How many you can run simultaneously is another question. The Mac is apparently more amenable to letting you concurrently run a zillion different version/copies of "FileMaker Pro" — Windows, which oddly enough will generally let you launch the very same app (not another copy but literally the same .exe file) a second, third, etc time, doesn't seem very fond of letting you launch markedly different .exe's that have the same name. Meanwhile, back at the Mac, you're going to lose web-sharing and probably fmnet file sharing very ea
  6. Working on it. In the FSA TechTalk archives I found the claim that FileMaker 3 can convert Nutshell 2.0 database files if you drop them on the FmPro 3 application (on a Mac). I haven't had that luck but am making inquiries. Any idea if this database was created in Nutshell 2.0 as opposed to Nutshell 1.1 or 1.0 or whatever?
  7. Email them to me as an email attachment? ahunter3 @ earthlink.net <—— remove the spaces of course I'll send them back in FileMaker 7/8 (.fp7) format. Assuming that FileMaker can open a Nutshell file, etc. I'm curious to find out.
  8. Well, I have FileMaker Plus (French version only but an English version is on its way to me now), which is the next-to-earliest version of FileMaker. And I have everything subsequent to that. (Which perhaps explains why I want original FileMaker 1.0, to round out my collection) I don't know if even the oldest FileMaker can open MSDOS Nutshell format (??), but if it will I can convert your data to any of the more modern formats and send it back to you.
  9. Well, for ONE thing, you're searching for local records that match a parameter that's in a portal record; the portal goes to a table occurrence called "Media Access Main", which is not the LOCAL table occurrence associated with this layout, it's a RELATED table occurrence, is that correct? (If that's not correct, scratch the rest of this post as a communications misfire and ignore it). So your LOCAL table occurrence, the one that's listed when you go to Layout Setup for the current layout, that's some OTHER table occurrence, not "Media Access Main"? But the found set y
  10. I think "insert object" is indeed an OLE function. So the contents of those old Fm6 container fields are indeed OLE objects. FileMaker 6 doesn't embed files as files in container fields the way Fm 7 and Fm 8 does. The way that Fm 7 and 8 do it, it's cross-platform, for one thing. OLE is a Windows-only technology.
  11. Since FileMaker 6 did not have any command or routine for inserting a FILE into a container field, I'm wondering just what the bloody hell you actually had in those FileMaker 6 container fields. FileMaker 6 container fields could contain: • Images (stored in FmPro or as a reference) • Movies (as a reference only) • Sounds (not sound FILES, just the sounds themselves) and possibly, perhaps (on Windows platform only) • OLE objects (??) I'm wondering if that last item is what you were dealing with?
  12. I am very close to nominating the "Tabs on Layouts" feature as the worst feature-from-hell since Find & Replace made its debut. No one needs them — they don't provide any service that I can see that you can't approximate with other tools — and man alive do they cause problems right & left!
  13. You say "when I add more records to the print queue it doesn't see the records" — you didn't specifically say so, but I assume you mean that you re-run the script and it doesn't find the newly added records that have have their checkboxes checked? a) Why does your script find all records before entering find mode and performing the specific find you want? (That doesn't hurt anything, and it's not causing your problem, but it's a totally useless & irrelevant script step). Check your script closely. Is the Perform Find script step done with no specification (checkbox at lower
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