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  1. I am a beginner in FileMaker and would appreciate it if you could help me out with his issue I'm having: I have a "Market Profiles" database which contains two tables: Markets and Market Profiles. Market is a breakdown of the governmental departments of a given City or Town while Market Profiles would be used to store demographic information about that City or Town. In the Market Profiles layout, the user can select Country, then Province, then Region which are all filtering properly. Once I get to the Market (the City or Town), I get the entire list instead of a filtered one (base
  2. I actually was able to solve my issue using a Calculation field. It seems to do what I need, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be open to them
  3. On the same topic: I've created a Provinces table, a Regions table (containing the different divisions of a Province ie/ Essex County) and a Market table (containing info on Cities and Towns) In the Market table, the user enters the name of the City or Town then selects the Region it is in using a drop-down list propagated from the Regions table. Now, I want the State to be displayed on my Market layout automatically based on the Region the user selects. I tried the lookup function, but I couldn't get it to work. Mark
  4. That's very helpful dude. Thanks a lot.
  5. I am fairly new to FileMaker. I am a novice programmer. I apologize if I missed the solution to this problem on another post.. Here is the issue I'm having using FileMaker 9 Pro Advanced on XP. I have setup two tables. One table is called Market Profiles - a table containing information about any given city. The other is called Venue Profiles - a table containing information about hotels and such. This is what they look like: Market Profiles kMarket_ID - a numeric key generated upon the creation of each City or Town MarketName - user enters the name of the Town or City MarketPr
  6. I have FileMaker Server 9 running on Leopard Server. I am trying to relocate my backup folder to an external drive. I know that, in order for it to be a valid address "fmsadmin" or "fmadin" has to be have read/write access to the directory I choose. This was easy to do in Tiger, but I'm not so sure how to do it in Leopard Server. Do I add "fmsadmin" as a user in the Workgroup Admin? Mark
  7. Is there a way to say, open a new window or perform some other event when a given field has a certain value entered in it? Mark
  8. I have a field which is the result of a calculation (a listing of all the tables in the database file) whose result is as follows: Application FTP Passwords Web Admin If I wanted to delete "Passwords" from the list, what script would I use? I tried to Substitute "" for Password, but all that leaves me with a blank line as is the following: Application FTP Web Admin Any assistance you could offer would be appreciated. Mark
  9. I have a drop down list with a few items in it. How do I make it so that users can only use the drop down list and not type in data? Mark
  10. I have an item database. Each item in the database needs to have a picture associated with it via a reference. The files are on a network drive. Basically, I want to tell FileMaker that each item that can be found at a certain location (the location is determined by FileMaker based on the item's ID# - I've already got this working). Once found, the image of said item should be automatically linked to the record I'm having a bit of trouble implementing a solution though. Sorry if my description of the problem isn't thorough enough. I'm using FileMaker 9.0.3 on Leopard. Mark
  11. I am running FileMaker 9 Advanced on OSX 10.5. I have a image database which contains references to images stored on a network drive. Is there a script I can write which can export each record to a single folder that I specify? Mark
  12. I have a script which opens the Insert File dialog box when a certain button is clicked. In the script, I have specified that the file should be stored as a reference. But, when the dialog opens (after the user has clicked on the button), they have the option to uncheck the 'store only a reference to the file' option. How do I disable this function so that user's can't override my settings and upload files into the database? Mark
  13. I have a container I've setup as a button which allows users to Insert a File. Is there a way of only giving them the ability to insert PDFs? Mark
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