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  1. In case you are still interested, this is how I do it on a PC: Base64Encode the PDF (e.g. using 360Works ScriptMaster) and store the result in a text field. Link to this field from the WebViever with "data:image/pdf;base64," & theEncodedFieldName. Then, dependent on the Adobe Reader preference settings, it will show in the WebViewer directly, or open up the Reader in a separate window.
  2. That was a good hint. Much obliged. As I am using a FM field with a list as the addressees, the coding needed to be a bit more elaborate: String mailAddressTo=(to); String[] ToAddresses = mailAddressTo.split("n") ; InternetAddress[] mailAddress_TO = new InternetAddress [ToAddresses.length] ; for (int j=0; j mailAddress_TO[j] = new InternetAddress(ToAddresses[j]); } msg.addRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, mailAddress_TO);
  3. Yes, I did. This is actually my present work-around, but it does mean that a recipient cannot rapidly tell from the email distribution whether others have been addressed too. (In my work-around this information therefore is added to the email subject line, but it looks a bit messy.) I just thought that Scriptmaster was advertised as providing support for multiple recipients (which I presumed to be using a comma separated list), but unfortunately I cannot get it going with the standard Scriptmaster calls.
  4. I have not been succesful in sending mails to multiple recipients using a field containing a comma separated list. I tried modifying the script by adding .parse(to, true) to InternetAddress in msg.setRecipient, but to no avail. Any help/hints would be much appreciated.
  5. Indeed I did not load any of the jar files in my test setup. Many thanks for the quick advice.
  6. I am trying out the various functions provided by ScriptMaster 3 using the method of copying the scripts into variables of the start-up script of the test file. This works fine with ListAllFilesInDirectory and GetFileModificationDate, also after restarting the test file on its own (i.e. without ScriptMaster). However this does not apply to the SendEmail function. As soon as I restart FileMaker, the latter function disappears. When debugging the start-up script, the variable for this function shows to return "error" instead of "1" as for the other functions. The SendEmail capability returns as soon as I open the ScriptMaster file again. Can someone help me and tell me what I am doing wrong? Many thanks.
  7. My apologies for not replying sooner - I was away on business. Yes, I believe I killed all the deamons involved: first WPE using the SystemStarter in Terminal, then the server itself through the FM Server Admin. I also terminated the Server Admin before trying to uninstall the server. Richard
  8. Thanks for your time, anyway. Meanwhile I have tried to re-install the complete server package, but for some reason the installer of the server (not the WPE) hangs when I try to exercise the uninstall option. So other then a clean re-install of the entire Mac I see no way forward, but this is not something I look forward to. Richard
  9. The ID and passcode for WPE entered in FM Server Admin are as before. But this could explain why the web serving function no longer works: with the re-installation of WPE this info may have been reset. But I am unable to correct that because I still cannot get access to the WPE configuration through the Admin Console due to the apparent mismatch of the WPE Admin account details... Richard
  10. I am afraid you lost me. What exactly is the SAT Tool? Also, at the moment I do not know how to find that out on the WPE Configuration (unless it can be found in one the files in the Library section). If the question is whether I have used different usernames/passwords for the FMSA Admin Console account and the WPE Admin account, the answer is yes. Meanwhile, be assured I appreciate your patient support! Richard
  11. As you suggested, I stopped the WPE services, uninstalled the software, then re-installed it and applied the WPE update before restarting the machine. I then had to recreate the Admin Console account, but the machine had somehow still remembered the WPE Admin account (albeit incorrectly - so no access). Now the server still publishes the list of databases but no longer allows them to be opened through the web ("database not available"). Remote access through a FM client is still possible, so FM Server is probably not at fault. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Should I just re-install the whole system (server and WPE) or are there more elegant ways to deal with this (such as deleting preference files)?
  12. After running the fmsweb_8v4_osx_updater, I tried to verify the results through the admin console overview page. There it said "The Publishing Engine is not responding. If the Publishing Engine has not yet been configured, click here to continue." So I did, and then it asked for the WPE Admin User name and password. This I had recorded in my copy of the manual, but upon entering these, the response was "The Publishing Engine user name or password is not valid". (Meanwhile, the server happily continues to publish the databases.) Is it possible to retrieve what the system thinks the WPE admin username/password is, or re-establish the original entry?
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