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  1. Thanks Daniele, I'll give it a whirl.
  2. I just upgraded to FM 8.5. I want to know which tab (1 -4) is in front. How can this be done.
  3. (( - might Runtime Revolution or Facespan)) I guess I don't understand what you are saying other than you think my DB sucks. It doesn't work for Excel and I can't program for Windoze. I could write the entire program in SuperCard but it seems to do what I want using FileMaker. The freight DB is in FM and so when I thought about trying to use it I automatically felt that it would work in FM. The fields are just fields and I used the terminology of 8 rows by 8 columns to try and give a visual. Perhaps I should have phrased it differently. ((Why isn't the the fields structured beyond th
  4. It is both a data base and a calculator,of sorts. The DB is used in Brokerage and each record is an account. Each account is located in various cities throughout the US. The material that is purchased is generally produced by the account and falls into 10 to 15 different catagories. The material is sent to different locations, on a monthly basis, depending on pricing. The calculation is used to determined the cost of a specific material delivered to different customers. The freight plays a very important part of the calculation as does the type equipment used to ship the item. Some equipm
  5. Data only goes into one row at a time. Up to 8 rows per tab. This is one origin point to multiple destinations. If the user has another "grade or item" for multiple locations then he would use another tab. He can have up to three multiple calculations per record. The 4th tab is single point A to Single point B for 10 different "items" The Portal to row was just to fill in any open ID on a specific tab. I needed to know which tab I was working with and then find an empty ID field. If none exist the user is informed that he will need to delete an ID in order to add additional.
  6. I appreciate your interest but I really don't think you understand what I am doing. In our business we have multiple factors which go together to make a final destination cost. The base price of the item; the type of equipment the material is loaded into; the cost of the equipment; the minimum weight guaranteed; the base cost of the freight; the fuel surcharge on the freight; and finally these are all added and divided to compute the delivered price. Each tab is for one item which is computed into a delieverd cost for up to 8 different desitinations. Each base freight is unique from
  7. Well, I accomplised what I needed. I used the following link to and it showed me how to do exactly what I needed: http://www.24usoftware.com/TabControl Thanks anyway.
  8. I looked through your information but didn't see anything that shed any light for me. The Portal can contain 1 to 1000 rows of data, all keyed off the UNIQUEID. The TABS are really worksheets. In other words, each tab gives the user different areas to compute the data he needs. The 8 rows in each TAB compute to one answer per row. The IDNumber is the starting place to pluck one piece of information from the Portal, per row. With the value (freight from point A to point B ) from the Portal all the other items are then input into the rest of the row in a TAB. When the rows (1 to 8 calc
  9. I have 3 Tabs (One, Two, Three) which each contain 64 Unique fields in 8 rows by 8 columns. The first field in each row holds a unique ID number. This unique ID number is currently being input by typing. I have a portal which contains the unique ID number that is currently being typed into the Tab. What I want to do is: Click on the ID field and have the Unique ID number in that field placed inside the Tab ID Number field. Herein lies the rub: I need the current TAB (one, two or three) and an EMPTY Tab ID Field to be selected. So Far: I have made the Portal Field ID Number
  10. Thanks I appreciate the response. I thought about "grunting" through the project and doing it that way but I was hoping there was a more elegant way of approaching the problem. I may have to do that in the short run until someone can show me a way to loop through. I can't seem to get the tabs, so that normal counting, will work properly.
  11. I have a DB with shared data and four tabs below. Each Tab contains 8 Rows by 8 Columns of unique data. The information is used to calculate delivered costs for shipment to 8 different locations from one central point. Each Tab has a field that represents the base cost, without freight, for all the calculations and is placed outside the rows. My problem: 1. I want to be able to "clear" all the fields in a specific Tab without clearing anything else on the page or in other Tabs. 2. I am using an "update" button to handle the calculations for each row (8x8) but if one of the rows doe
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