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  1. I am building a script to enter find mode, set field to "invoices" then perform find. Well now I need to also pull statements in that script. Right now in the calculated field I just have.... "Invoices" How should I include "Statements"? Thanks.
  2. I have my db set up to handle expenses. I have the main table, "Expenses" and a related table, "Expense Items" The Expenses table is the entire invoice/receipt, where as the Expense Items are each individual line item on the invoice/receipt. I thought about using the tab feature to separate my expenses. One tab, credit cards, the other tab Invoices, etc. Question...does that sound like the best set up for what I want? Any suggestions or advice would greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mary
  3. #1) There is a main user who will primarily be the one to check/un-check an expense as processed. Therefore, the other two users of the db I don't want to have the ability to use the check box. That is why I have the If statement for the account name. But at the same time, allow me the administrator, to use the function if necessary. I tried the example you provided, thank you by the way...and the script still will not work in IWP. I also tried taking the IF statement out, didn't work either. #2) Yes the processed X field is a calculated field, I apologize for not being clear. T
  4. That is my problem...I can't figure out which part of the script is not working. Normally I use custom dialog to trouble shoot my scripts, however, that script is not web compatible. The script is not allowing me to put an X in the processed X field. I tested by inserting the timestamp into the comments field, which is set up as a text field. And that did not work either. Get (Current Timestamp) shows to be web compatible, so I don't know why this doesn't work. Any thoughts?
  5. Well technically I used the equal sign w/ the slash through it, but I couldn't type that in this forum.
  6. Hello, I have a field (paid X)as a button to know when an expense record has been paid, it can be checked or unchecked. Two fields set up... #1) paid X calculates If (not IsEmpty (paid timestamp) = "X" #2) paid timestamp PAID SCRIPT If [Get (AccountName) not equal to "janedoe" or "johndoe" Set Field [paid timestamp: Get (CurrentTimeStamp)] End If Commit Records/Request [skip data entry validation; No dialog] NOT PAID SCRIPT If [Get (AccountName) not equal to "janedoe" or "johndoe" Set Field [paid timestamp; ""] End If Commit Records/Request [sk
  7. I have this problem... the fields in the portal show, but not the titles? What can I look at? The permissions/privledges look good. What did I miss? Thanks, Mary
  8. I have a script step (button) assigned to the pdf file, "View File" is what I called it. In that script I have "Export Field Contents" function. Apparently that function is not web compatible, therefore, would that be the problem? I'm not sure b/c if that was the case, then the script wouldn't work, but we'd be able to at least see the file in the container field when in IWP, right?
  9. SOLUTION... [color:blue]Increment next range of records Let (incrementby = If (Get(FoundCount) > 25 and Get (LayoutViewState) = 1 ; 25 ; 1) ; If ((Get(RecordNumber) + incrementby > Get (FoundCount) ; Get (FoundCount) - incrementby ; Get (RecordNumber) + incrementby)) [color:blue]Decrement previous range of records Let (decrementby = If (Get(FoundCount) > 25 and Get (LayoutViewState) = 1 ; 25; 1) ; If ((Get(RecordNumber) + decrementby) > 1 ; Get (RecordNumber) + decrementby ; 1))
  10. CORRECTION.... They are using Fire Fox and Internet Explorer, either web browser is [color:red]NOT allowing the pdf to show in the container field when opened on IWP.
  11. They are using Fire Fox and Internet Explorer, either web browser is allowing the pdf to show in the container field when opened on IWP. I have a separate db for the "files" that the pdf's are stored in. And the expense db references the files db. The pdf's are embeded in the files db. The files db is also IWP. I'm at a real lost here. Please help! Thanks! :frown:
  12. Hello, I have a script I'm trying to create where it does the following two tasks. 1. Only shows "approved" expenses (this part works) 2. enter find mode where the user can choose to search on any other criteria based on the fields in the layout. When I only have #1 written... -Show All Records -Enter Find Mode -Set Field [Expenses::IsAdminApprovedBoolean;1] -Perform Find That part works perfect. But when I enter.... -Show All Records -Enter Find Mode -Set Field [Expenses::IsAdminApprovedBoolean;1] -Perform Find [color:red]-Enter Find Mode
  13. Thank you very much for the reply. Yes the file is embedded. Any other thoughts? Thanks, Mary :
  14. Hello, I published my db to the web, and I am having the following problem. I have a container field (to store a pdf of the invoice/receipt) in a portal. Once I published to the web, the file is missing. I have the files in a separate db, and it's published to the web as well with the same settings as the expense db. What should I check? Thank you, Mary
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