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  1. A purchase request often has multiple funding lines. That is why I set up the funding table separately. Both the funding table and the vendor history table contain the bud ref field. The bud ref field in the funding table is manually entered. The vendor history table which is a portal on the layout I am using contains information I import from an external accounting system and it reflects all invoices that have been paid against a purchase order number. Each purchase request is assigned a specific purchase order number but this number is assigned after the funding information is provided
  2. Here is a PDF of the relationship graph. Keep in mind I am a newbie so it may not be organized as well as it should be. OHS_Purchase_Request_Final__OHC1_.pdf
  3. I have a table called "Purchase Requests". It is joined to a table called "Funding" by a field labeled "recordID" which is auto generated serial. The table "Purchase Requests" also is joined to a table called "Vendor History" using a field labeled "Purchase Order No". Both "Vendor History" and the "Funding" table contain a field labeled "Bud Ref". What I need is a portal to show all vendor payments using a match between the "Bud Ref" and "Purchase Order No" fields. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
  4. Tom, I figured it out. There are two tables involved. I copied the "Funded On" field to the funding detail lines table where the number field being referenced occurs instead of the primary table and it works fine. Thanks again for your help. It was greatly appreciated.
  5. Tom, The script suggestions work well but the auto-enter option doesn't. The field that has the number being entered into it is called "Class Funding" and the field I would like the date entered into is called "Funded On". The field "Funded On" is a timestamp field with auto-enter set to calculation and the parameter is "Case( not IsEmpty(Funding::Class Funding) ; Get ( CurrentHostTimeStamp ) )". Thanks for your help.
  6. Thank you for the information. I have a related question though about how I could have the date inserted into a field based upon a number field having any number being entered into it.
  7. I would like to have a field automatically insert the current date based upon the condition of another field. I have a container field that has a script attached that inserts a persons signature when they click on "yes" from a question that pops up asking "Do you approve?" Yes, No, Cancel. What I would like to do is have a field called "Approved On" and have the date they approve it automatically inserted. Is there a simple way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am trying to create a script that will grab the purchase request number for the current record and insert a link to it in an email that can be clicked on and will take the recipient of the email to that record. The users the email is being sent too all have Filemaker installed and usually leave it open all day. Is this possible? I am using Filemaker 9 Advanced to develop and Filemaker Server 8 for the hosting of the database. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thank you for the excellent advice. I did not explore the custom settings under view, create, etc. I had only looked at options under the field access. I tried your suggestion and it works but it brings up another question. How do I eliminate the records that show from the found set on opening of the file.
  10. I have heard setting record level access before but I am still unclear how this works. I know how to restrict access to certain fields with the view, modifiable and no access but how do you restrict access based upon a certain criteria.
  11. I have a database that tracks purchase orders, budgets,etc. I am wanting to restrict access to certain records. If a user is a division director, I want them to be able to see all purchase orders created by anyone in their department. If a user is not a division director, then they only see records they have created. I set this script up to run upon the file being opened. The globals referenced are calculated unstored fields. I am not sure whether to have them as global auto-entered calc fields or as global text fields and have the information set by the script. The script is set to run
  12. It is partly working now. I used a startup script that set the global text field gSetPrivilegeName upon the file opening but it retains the privilege set name previously set when I logon as a different user.
  13. I am using a database that restricts access to certain records. I use the Get(AccountName) in a global field and I am trying to use the Get(PrivilegeSetName) in a global field but nothing is returned for the value. The other function Get(AccountName) works fine and I mirrored the privilege set function the same. Please tell me what I am missing.
  14. Vaughan, Thanks you for your suggestion and it worked great. I wrote my first response before trying your suggestion. At first, I didn't think it would work but it did. Thanks again.
  15. Vaughan, Can you expand on the list suggestion? I need several fields such as fiscal year, location, funding source etc. to be in the header or only listed once on the page and the other fields (gl code, gl descr, amount, and projects to be listed on each line of data that was entered. Thank you for responding.
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