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  1. ok, so... i have got field: monday = Get(CurrentDate)- DayOfWeek(Get (CurrentDate))+2 and it's display date of monday in this week (based in week id) sunday = Get(CurrentDate)- DayOfWeek(Get (CurrentDate))+8 and it's display date of sunday in this week (based on week id) weekid = Floor ((Get ( CurrentDate ) - ( Date ( 4 ; 1 ; Case ( Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) < 4; Year (Get ( CurrentDate )) - 1 ; Year (Get ( CurrentDate ) ))) - DayOfWeek ( Date ( 4 ; 1 ; Case ( Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) < 4; Year (Get ( CurrentDate )) - 1 ; Year (Get ( CurrentDate ) )))) +2 )) /7) a
  2. but you are sure it's going to change tommorow? even when i don't "click" on this field? (i should put this field as FIELD od MERGED FIELD)?
  3. Hello, i have got a problem with dates... i have got couple fields: monday, sunday, week id and i want to change every time when i run filemaker, because for example in sunday everyting was OK but in monday (week id should change to next one, monday and sunday date too) it's not working until i change something in code!!! How can i autorefresh this fields (this fields are in every record)
  4. i don't understand how it's works?? because i think it don't work at all. i change date and nothing happen!!
  5. Hello... I have got a problem with value lists. I have got: value list with dates (for example - 13/11/2006, 20/11/2006 etc.) contain 3 years field where show this value list (open through drop down menu) and i want to view on drop down menu only values included for example 1 month in past and 2 weeks in future.. how can i do this?
  6. thx, it's work great, can you help me olso with counting date for example now is week 36 so it's check in what date was monday and in what date it will be sunday? or it will be better when i use this dates on separate database?
  7. but it's a little bit different because my week id start ar begining of april (start of tax year in england), but i'm sure i use your suggestions. can you tell me if i use your calculation how can i get in this start (monday) and end date (sunday) for example if every day date is change
  8. Hello i'm sorry if this is in wrong topic, but i don't know how classify it. So... i have got a problem. I have got database with dates.. fields: week ID(autoenter) start date(date) end date (start date +6) payment date (start date - 1) and i want to get current date and find in which week id current date is and display it in 1 field (and autochange it every time when for example current date passed end date then change week id +1
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